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January to March Newsletter 2017



  • The Rabbit Retires

    Trish Mills writes her final event report and pays tribute to the great speakers Slimbridge Dowsers have hosted over the years and provides links should you wish to contact any of them to speak at your Group. But don't panic! Slimbridge events and their excellent speakers continue. Go to the events diary to see what's lined up for 2017.


Dowsing for Water -
The Complete Practical Guide

Peter Golding's second book is one that will take you from enthusiastic amateur dowser to accomplished water diviner. Overflowing with years of experience and technical know-how, this book will answer every question you will ever ask about water divining.
Its Around Here Somewhere!
The Rabbit is back in Trish Mills's second compilation of reports of speakers at the Slimbridge Dowsing Group. Fans of This Rabbit is Constipated will be familiar with Trish's engaging and informative accounts from the village hall, and delighted with this second offering.


Faye Hatcher interviews Slimbridge
Dowsing Group President Peter
Golding and Publicity Secretary
Trish Mills for BBC Radio
Gloucestershire (2008)


Dowsing started for Peter in 1977 when he was in Saudi Arabia where he spent some 20 years of his working life. As Chief Engineer in charge of airfield navigational aids, he needed another run of cables from one of the huts to the Riyadh control tower.

Obviously he couldn’t have his men dig just anywhere, there were underground cables all over the place, but in those early days they weren’t marked! He was about to call out one of his technicians with cable detectors, when the JCB man said, “Do the old civil engineer's trick. Dowse for it!”

Peter had not heard of dowsing at that time, but the man found the existing cables and taught Peter to dowse. After several successes, Peter was hooked, and was delighted to find ARAMCO's library in Dhahran had plenty of books on the subject. “I discovered it wasn't just for water divining,” says Peter, “but archaeological dowsing and buried items too. I was amazed at its scope and I'm still learning after thirty-four years!”

He continues working still, not just finding suitable sites for boreholes for farmers, but more recently he has developed an interest in health and healing and geopathic stress. He has demonstrated his skills on various TV programmes and also offers distance spiritual healing – on one occasion as far away as Australia.

Slimbridge Dowsing Group was born when, in 2001, the Chairman of the Local History Society asked Peter if he could find the maze or labyrinth in nearby Troytown – the name Troy indicates a maze.

“I found it,” says Peter, “and gave a talk about it to the Society. They were so fascinated a few asked if I would show them how to dowse.” So he did, and our numbers have since grown significantly.

In closing, Peter would like to answer the question, “How does dowsing work?” but cheerfully admits we do not know. But he quotes Albert Einstein, who said,

“ . . . many scientists consider dowsing as a type of superstition [but this is] unjustified. The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time.”

“Well,” says Peter with a twinkle, “watch this space.”

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