Slimbridge Dowsing Group

Welcome to the Slimbridge Dowsing Group, one of the largest and most active Dowsing Groups in the country. Please note we are moving our meetings from 25th March (see below).


Slimbridge Dowsing Group

With effect from Saturday 25th March 2017 all future meetings will be held at Kingshill House, Kingshill Lane, Dursley, GL11 4BZ Take a look –

Meetings until Thursday 9th March 2017 will be at Slimbridge Village Hall as usual.

Our format for Meetings – Second Thursday afternoon of the month at 1.45 for 2.30pm and Fourth Saturday morning of the month at 9.45 am for 10.30 am will remain the same. (Unless we’re out on a field trip!)

We are taking the Dowsing Group out of Slimbridge, but we will never take Slimbridge out of the Dowsing Group. Our name will always remain the same.

Membership and Entrance fees will remain the same throughout 2017. £3.00 for Members – £4.00 for Guests Plus 50p donation for tea or coffee and biscuits please. Kingshill House is easy to find. MAP


January to March Newsletter 2017

First meeting of the year welcomes new guests and members

Our first meeting of 2017 on Thursday afternoon 12th January, had an enormous buzz. Despite the rain and a forecast for snow, we had 17 members and 13 guests, seven of whom had never been before, and three of whom signed up for membership. A great start to the New Year!

What had attracted 30 people on a cold, wet January day? It was our annual ‘Back to Basics’ event, run by two of our knowledgeable and experienced members, with the added lure of a demonstration by our founder and President, Peter Golding, dowsing for his health and wellbeing techniques.

Folks came from far and wide: an Australian lady had enterprisingly travelled by public transport from South Wales to Bristol, thence by bus to Cambridge, and had walked from the A38 - in the rain! - to Slimbridge village hall. The least we could do was offer her a bed for the night. Others came from Cheltenham, Berkeley, Ross-on-Wye, Wiltshire, Paignton in Devon and a new gentleman from just down the road in Slimbridge.

The art of dowsing is thousands of years old, and anyone can dowse, unless they tell themselves they can’t. After an interesting introduction about such basics as obtaining our Yes and No answers and protecting ourselves, our speakers led us in some practical dowsing. We were able to dowse the site of a Roman road that our rods indicate passes beneath the village hall - fortunately without going outdoors.

We have an interesting programme of speakers lined up for 2017, plus some field trips. On Saturday 25th March we will be changing venue and meetings thereafter will be held in Kingshill House, Dursley.


We now have a facebook page. If you want the latest news and want to join in the gossip, here's the place to go:


Faye Hatcher interviews Slimbridge
Dowsing Group President Peter
Golding and Publicity Secretary
Trish Mills for BBC Radio
Gloucestershire (2008)


Peter GoldingSlimbridge Dowsing Group began life in 2003 after professional water diviner Peter Golding gave a fascinating talk to the Slimbridge Historical Society about dowsing a labyrinth at Troytown, Slimbridge. (The name Troy usually suggests a labyrinth nearby.)

Peter’s talk generated so much interest, and he received so many requests for dowsing tuition, he started a small group on his back lawn. Everyone enjoyed it and kept coming back for more.

Thanks to brief reports in the Gazette submitted by Peter on a regular basis, membership increased. In 2006 he made the little Group official, and Slimbridge Dowsing Group was born, with meetings held in Slimbridge Village Hall.

Today we have almost 50 enthusiastic members, a strong Committee, and with two meetings every month, believe we are one of the most active dowsing groups in the country. We have our own highly professional quarterly Newsletter and, thanks to Simon Olly, an excellent website. Peter’s brief reports were delegated and written by a published author, and have since been put together in book form – This Rabbit is Constipated! and It’s Around Here Somewhere

Our literary aspirations have encouraged Peter Golding to write and publish two books of his own – Experiences of an Old Dowser and Dowsing For Water – The Complete Practical Guide, the latter proving to be the definitive manual on the subject. With his strong engineering background, and ongoing demand for his professional services, Peter has brought science and substance to the art and skill of dowsing.

Water divining is not the only use for our dowsing rods and pendulums. We also dowse for ley lines, earth energies, historical and archaeological remains, stone circles and henges such as Avebury and Stonehenge, lost items, health and wellbeing, food allergies, and even missing car keys.

Anyone can dowse. The key is phrasing our questions specifically and accurately, and we always have tuition available on request at every meeting, with various workshops, field trips and ‘Back to Basics’ events throughout the year.

The jewel in our crown, however, is almost certainly the programme of excellent speakers at our twice-monthly meetings. A large proportion of these are of course concerned with dowsing, either how to do it or about something the speaker has personally discovered by dowsing. That said, we also embrace many other subjects including pyramids, Hartman & Curry lines, sacred geometry, archaeo-astronomy, Tibetan singing bowls, Roman roads, the power of crystals, the power and influence of music and chanting, mind over matter, and how to find and avoid negative energies.

It is comfortable to mix with like-minded folks, and our doors open early to allow time for a cup of tea or coffee, biscuits and socialising before our meetings begin. We have a Christmas event with a meal in a local restaurant, and run a library of dowsing books that members are free to borrow (and return!)

With effect from Saturday 25th March, our meetings will be at a new venue - Kingshill House in Dursley. As Peter Golding, our President says, ‘My baby has grown up and is going out into the world.’

We might be taking the Dowsing Group out of Slimbridge, but we will never take Slimbridge out of the Dowsing Group! Our name will remain the same, and we will return to our roots to dowse various sites of interest in Slimbridge, as well as all the other amazing things to dowse throughout Gloucestershire, and the country as a whole.

Dowsing Services

To discuss your requirements, obtain a provisional quotation for water divining or other dowsing services, contact Peter Golding
phone/fax (+44) 07483 805661
or visit his website