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Health and Healing for animals - Ann Lodygowski*

Folks were queuing to get in to the meeting on Thursday 9th June. Forty people keen to hear Ann Lodygowski, renowned animal healer, communicator and amazing lady, who certainly pulls in the crowds.

Most attendees had brought a ‘witness’, samples of hair from their horse or pet, and we were shown how to determine ailments or dietary deficiencies in the animal by holding the witness and watching the reaction of our dowsing rod or pendulum while we scanned checklists of various health problems.

Ann told us of one recent healing where she thought she had lost the plot. A horse was refusing to go into its stable, it was thoroughly spooked, but there was no apparent reason for this behaviour. “I kept getting the image of a highwayman,” she said. She even asked a dowsing friend to check too, and he said the same.

In some trepidation, Ann told the owner, who calmly said, “Yes, that makes sense. This house is very old and a famous highwayman used to live here.” The horse was being spooked by a ghost! Ann asked the ghost to go to the light, to leave and be happy, and the horse has been fine in its stable ever since.

Ann then went on to spook her audience by telling us all the horrors to be found in some pet foods. She asked us to consider carefully what we feed our pets, and make sure they get a balanced diet.

Ann Lodygowski in Slimbridge Village Hall Ann Lodygowski, animal healer and communicator, addresses a full house at Slimbridge Dowsing Group.

“You can dowse for this too,” she said, and gave out further checklists so that we could ask if it was healthy physically, mentally and emotionally, and check for such things as amino acid deficiencies, of which there are 21.

Ann is a great believer in Bach flower remedies, and once she has a diagnosis, she dowses her checklist to find which is the best remedy for any given illness or condition. From the most expensive race horses to the lowliest mongrel, Ann loves them all.

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