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Slimbridge Dowsing Group Open Day - Saturday 4th May

The Open Day held by Slimbridge Dowsing Group (SDG) on Saturday 4th May to celebrate International Dowsing Day was an even greater success than we had dared to hope.

“We’d thought we would get a nice few visitors throughout the day,” said Chair-person Di Holliday. “There is a lot of interest in the area, thanks to the Gazette printing our reports of regular meetings. But we opened at 11 a.m., and even as we were erecting our signs and banner, visitors began arriving in good numbers, which continued into the afternoon.”

SDG members had volunteered their time to meet and greet visitors, and donated cakes and biscuits to sell at ridiculously low prices.

“Our posters around the town and in the library had promised, ‘Anyone can dowse!’ and it’s true,” continued Di. “Visitors were surprised and delighted by how quickly they mastered the technique, and their rods responded. We are all born with the ability to dowse; anyone can do it until they’re told they can’t!”

We also had photographic displays of some of the work we do, and organised events to test our newly-skilled visitors, including a walk around Slimbridge village hall to find energy lines and underground pipes.

SDG member Jim Greatrix had made a plentiful supply of dowsing rods for visitors to have a go, and local historical shoe-maker Sarah Juniper had collected stones with holes in them, and threaded a length of string through, so that folks could try pendulum dowsing too.

Peter Golding demonstrating Slimbridge Dowsing Group's open day was an even greater success than anticipated. Photo: Patrick Callaghan

Ex-Chairman, now President Peter Golding came despite severe back problems, and demonstrated how dowsing works. One man was so amazed and delighted by what he had learned, he returned later with his son and daughter in tow.

Di Holliday offered healing to those in need; one lady left with an enormous smile on her face, relieved of pain for the first time in months.

And SDG’s stalwart tea maker and champion washer-up, Ann Jones, was on hand to mastermind the refreshments.

All in all a very successful day, with several visitors keen to attend our meetings very soon.

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