Golding Dowsing Archaeological dowsing


The outline of long-since disappeared buildings and other archaeological features can be located by dowsing.

Also, it is frequently possible to estimate, by dowsing, the dates a building was constructed and demolished, its use, occupancy, number of floors and many other interesting facts.

If there are traces of the original materials buried under the surface, the location and depth below the surface can be indicated.

Some of our members' dowsing predictions have already been confirmed by geophysical surveys.

Slimbridge Dowsing Group was invited by an eminent archaeologist to coordinate archaeological dowsers throughout the country in a survey of an Iron Age site near Minsterworth, Gloucestershire. They dowsed over maps and the ground to determine the most promising areas for subsequent geophysical surveys to be conducted.

Berkeley Castle

Members of Slimbridge Dowsing Group assisting student archaeologists with Professor Mark Horton at Berkeley Castle