Slimbridge Dowsing


In search of Arlingham Court

We have dowsed to find Arlingham Court in the past, and found enough of interest to want to go back. There is no trace of it to be seen now, but the farmer who owns the land on which it once stood invited us anyway, intrigued to learn more himself.

We dowsed first for the date the house was last inhabited, and agreed it was in the early 1800s. The farmer told us of an ancient curse that there would be no male heirs to inherit. We donít know if that is true, but there were certainly only daughters, who married elsewhere, and the property fell into ruin.

We soon had marker flags fluttering in the breeze, strategically placed to denote the exterior walls, the kitchens, a fireplace, and a large window embrasure. Our leader for the day, Barry Goldring, used his GPS receiver to record everything accurately, and will prepare a scaled plan later.

Our water divining expert and President, Peter Golding, soon found some underground water courses. The first was only three gallons per minute, not enough to make sinking a borehole worthwhile. However, further across the field he detected underground water flowing at seven gallons a minute, plenty for a farmerís needs.

A few of us then wandered across the field to see what else we could find, and came upon some seriously bad energy in one area. We all felt it, and even though we had protected ourselves beforehand, we did not linger on that spot.

With dowsing rods in the search position, we soon detected a driveway that ran across the land diagonally. This didnít seem logical at first, until we worked out that an entrance off the road to the village would have meant his Lordship could turn off early and not have to meet the humble villagers!

We then found two areas either side of the driveway that looked as if they might have been gatehouses. We all dowsed to check this and were in agreement, but the farmer said there was no record of there being gatehouses on the land.

Thatís the joy of dowsing - it can raise more questions than answers!

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 12th September with a talk ĎFrom Atlantis to Orionís Beltí repeated by popular request.