Golding Dowsing


Seeing Auras and what to do about them

You know those old religious paintings where all the good guys get to wear a halo? And you’ve seen those tall pointed head-dresses called mitres worn by bishops of the high church? And you must have noticed that kings and queens always wear a crown made of gold studded with massively precious stones on state occasions. Well, according to our speaker, Dr Helen Ford, on 11th August, they are all to do with the aura, the energy field surrounding every living thing - people, animals and plants..

The halo was simply the outpouring of purest love from a deeply holy person. For those who can see auras, it surrounds the entire body, but around the head it appears to form a pointed cone, so the Bishopís mitre was simply a physical symbol of that, and shows his authority.

Gold is still used today for healing and as a homeopathic medicine, so wearing a gold crown was to help the king or queen feel pure love. The jewels are thought to instil trust.

Seeing auras is more difficult than we thought. Helen stood in front of a white screen, and instructed us to look at her but then through her, rather like de-focusing the eyes to see the shapes in those magic 3D pictures.

“Oh, ye-es,” we said, “sort of.” Some of us got it, most of us didnít, but didnít like to say so. Those of us that could see it at first, lost the ability after a while, and wondered if it was too demanding to maintain such intense concentration for so long?

Even if we canít see someoneís aura, we can easily pick up on their energy. You take to some people immediately, others put your hackles up straight away. Where does that come from but their energy?

Having explained so much, Helen then gave us a demonstration of how colours can affect the aura, how it changes with the colours we wear and, even more importantly, how colours can affect how others perceive us.

Wearing red can make you feel strong, energetic, aware of your own sexuality, and power; black is a closed colour, secretive, and shows defensiveness, a declaration that you are not going to allow anyone in, and equally you are not going to give anything out.

Dr Helen Ford Dr Helen Ford who can see auras
Photo by Patrick Callaghan

Pink emanates a loving warmth and tenderness. Helen says all mothers should wear pink! Orange says you are open to what comes, easy going and creative.

Wearing yellow will result in an increased aura because it conveys total self respect, whereas dark green can be hostile and unpleasant. Dirty colours feel polluted and suggest jealousy, sadness, impure energy. Whereas emerald green is clear and bright, and says you are loving, open-hearted and compassionate.

Blue too offers happiness and lightness of being, while purple, once thought to be the exclusive right of royalty and the church, makes you feel aligned and calm, in harmony with spirit. Grey declares you are a victim, the wearerís aura shrinks; we should not only avoid wearing grey, but also wary of people wearing it.

We can even use the aura to create a buffer zone, our defence against attack and incoming bad energy. To align ourselves and create our own harmony, we simply need to honour ourselves, know what feels right, and remain assured in the face of what other people think. When we are aligned, the universe is looking after us, we can trust and feel relaxed and safe enough to put out pure love.

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