Slimbridge Dowsing


Back to Basics - Barry Goldring, Peter Gibson and Peter Golding

Our first meeting of 2017 on Thursday afternoon 12th January, had an enormous buzz. Despite the rain and a forecast for snow, we had 17 members and 13 guests, seven of whom had never been before, and three of whom signed up for membership. A great start to the New Year!

What had attracted 30 people on a cold, wet January day? It was our annual ‘Back to Basics’ event, run by two of our knowledgeable and experienced members, with the added lure of a demonstration by our founder and President, Peter Golding, dowsing for his health and wellbeing techniques.

Folks came from far and wide: an Australian lady had enterprisingly travelled by public transport from South Wales to Bristol, thence by bus to Cambridge, and had walked from the A38 - in the rain! - to Slimbridge village hall. The least we could do was offer her a bed for the night. Others came from Cheltenham, Berkeley, Ross-on-Wye, Wiltshire, Paignton in Devon and a new gentleman from just down the road in Slimbridge.


* Guest speaker

The art of dowsing is thousands of years old, and anyone can dowse, unless they tell themselves they can’t. After an interesting introduction about such basics as obtaining our Yes and No answers and protecting ourselves, our speakers led us in some practical dowsing. We were able to dowse the site of a Roman road that our rods indicate passes beneath the village hall - fortunately without going outdoors.

We have an interesting programme of speakers lined up for 2017, plus some field trips. On Saturday 25th March we will be changing venue and meetings thereafter will be held in Kingshill House, Dursley.