Slimbridge Dowsing


A musical introduction to our new venue

Our first meeting at our new venue of Kingshill House in Dursley on Saturday 25th March was a great success. The sun was pouring in through the magnificent large windows; it was warm and light and the chairs exceedingly comfortable.

Musicians Alex and Scotty, otherwise known as singing duo ‘Dark Island’, sang for us several songs they had written themselves, and shared many of their personal and spiritual experiences. They also talked about the healing power of music, and how it has helped their own music students, as well as elderly folks in care homes in Gloucestershire.

Recently Alex has been venturing into shamanism and inner journeying through music; ‘shaman’ simply means healer, and we know from early cave drawings that this is a very ancient art.

‘Dark Island’ has several bookings for 2017 at festivals and folk clubs throughout the county, notably the ‘Go Wild’ charity events for Gloucester Wildlife Trust at Robinswood Park, Gloucester on Sunday 25th June, and Greystones in Bourton-on-the-Water on Sunday 13th August. See their website for further details:

As members of Slimbridge Dowsing Group themselves, Alex and Scotty were happy to be our guinea pigs at the new venue, and feedback from other members was positive and encouraging. Even the sceptics who had had reservations about the move were convinced.


Musicians Alex and Scotty sing a wide range of material including original songs, traditional and contemporary folk, blues/jazz, and a few covers

Inevitably there were a few teething problems and a learning curve as to how best to use the room. With an excellent turnout of 30 members and guests, perhaps we should have removed the tables to make space for more chairs!

There is no meeting on Thursday 13th April because it coincides with Easter, but at our next meeting on Saturday 22nd April we will be dowsing our new ‘home’. This will be a great opportunity to practise our dowsing skills, receive tuition if needed, and discover the secrets of Kingshill House – its leys, energy lines, entities and any buildings that might have been on the site long before the present lovely mansion was built. For example, we’ve already found indications of an Iron Age round house in the grounds. All welcome.