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Thursday 10th November, EMFs - Jon Martin

You can’t see it, taste it or smell it, but magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from seemingly innocent electrical equipment are some of the worst forms of pollution out there. If you’re not sleeping well, EMFs could be the first suspect.

Health-wise, mobile phones are as detrimental as passive smoking. In his talk on EMFs in the home on 10th November, Jon Martin made the comparison between the health risks of each. He pointed out that while you wouldn’t smoke next to a child in a car, you might well use your mobile phone, which can be just as bad. In May this year the World Health Organization classified mobile phones as a possible cause of cancer. It took 80 years to ban smoking in public places, so it could be a while before we admit to any problems with mobiles and other wifi devices, so Jon urged a more cautious approach to their use in future.

He then went on to show how you can dowse to find the edge of any detrimental electromagnetic and magnetic fields around common household electrical items. He used both dowsing rods and electronic radiation monitors, the results were the same! He demonstrated that the humble cordless phone is one of the worst culprits, having one of the largest detrimental fields, sometimes worse than a mobile phone. Never ever have one next to your bed, it could affect your health as well as your sleeping patterns.

Even more worryingly, Jon reported several cases of dogs becoming seriously ill from the effects of EMFs, as they seem to be particularly sensitive. He has been asked to dowse on several occasions, and found the poor dog’s basket sitting right in a powerful electromagnetic field. Virtually every time, the beloved pet made a full recovery once its bed was moved to a safer place.

Jon Martin presenting Jon Martin during his presentation

Slimbridge AGM
Jon’s talk followed our brief AGM, at which we reported extraordinarily successful sales of our new book, ‘This Rabbit is Constipated’, which is available at local bookshops and makes a great Christmas present.

Two new members were welcomed onto the Committee, Diane Holliday as Treasurer, and Maureen Jagucki. We said a sad farewell to Jim Greatrix, who has reluctantly resigned from the Committee for health reasons. Jim is a skilled dowser and has been a valued member since the very start of SDG; he will continue to attend when he can. Jon Martin was appointed Vice-Chairman.

Barry Goldring resigned after five years as Treasurer, but has now taken on the role of Field Events Co-ordinator, and Peter Gibson also resigned as Vice-Chairman. Both Barry and Peter have a special interest in archaeological dowsing and will continue to lead field trips and give talks. Peter Golding continues as Chairman, despite recent spine problems, and Trish Mills resigned after five years as Publicity Co-ordinator and Newsletter Editor but no one took any notice so she will soldier on as before.

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