Golding Dowsing


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  • Kingshill House

    Our first 'dowse of the house' - Kingshill House reveals its Roman secrets

    Discoveries of a Roman garrison building, hospital, store house, kitchen and a temple were just some of the findings from our first session of dowsing Kingshill House. Saturday, 22 April

  • Dark Island

    A musical introduction to Kingshill House

    Musicians Alex and Scotty, otherwise known as singing duo ‘Dark Island’, sang several songs at our first meeting in Kingshill House and also talked about the healing power of music, and how it has helped their own music students, as well as elderly folks in care homes in Gloucestershire. Saturday, 25 March

  • bards of avalon

    Last meeting in Slimbridge Village Hall

    Our final meeting in Slimbridge Village Hall on Thursday 9th March, before we move to Kingshill House, featured the Bards of Avalon, Bea and David, who chanted and sang us out, accompanied by the healing vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls. Thursday 9th March

  • dartmoor

    Dartmoor's sacred allure - Peter Knight*

    We have an amazing selection of natural sacred sites on our own doorstep. We’re not talking man-made sites here, such as Stonehenge and Avebury. Highly sacred as they may be, there are literally hundreds of natural sacred sites, revered by man for centuries, but not created by him. Saturday 25th February

  • Karen Teague

    Karen Teague

    There are minor Mediums, and medium Mediums, and then there is Karen Teague, Medium Extraordinaire. She came to us last year, and amazed us with messages from loved ones no longer with us. So we invited her back for more on 28th January, and were not disappointed. Saturday 28th, January

  • Back to Basics - Barry Goldring, Peter Gibson and Peter Golding

    Back to Basics - Barry Goldring, Peter Gibson and Peter Golding

    No better way to start the year and welcome new people to Slimbridge Dowsers' meetings than a Back to Basics masterclass with our top talent Thursday 12th January

  • * Denotes visiting speaker

    For more reports from previous years click here