Golding Dowsing


Unless otherwise stated, meetings are held second Saturdayof the month at 9.45 for a 10.30am start.

Meetings are held at The Whitminster Village Hall, School Lane, Whitminster, GL2 7NT. Gloucester.

Saturday 12th January Dowsing Skills, Protection, Practical’s and Application

Following on from the successful, meeting we had last year and the requests from you, our members to run it again, we thought we would set the intention again for a good Dowsing year by holding a Q&A practical’s session.

We will run small workshops, a group Question & Answer session and a myriad of other elements to help us all learn more about dowsing. So please tell us if there are any specifics you want covered or to learn.

Saturday 9th February, Dowsing and Guidance – Lisa Fullbright Cossey*

Lisa Fullbright Cossey is an energy healer and channel and as such works a great deal with various forms of guidance. These forms of guidance can range from kinaesthetic knowing, through intuition to clairvoyant vision and speaking through channelled guidance. Such guidance brings communication with earth energies, the elemental beings and nature spirits, the angelic realms, the worlds of archetypes and deities, and the levels of consciousness that are within us all seeking to guide and bring healing.

In this talk she will explore some of these many forms of guidance and how they all relate to dowsing. She will consider the question of what is actually happening within a person’s subtle energy field and psyche when they dowse and suggest that dowsing and guidance are really the same thing.

Lisa is a healer, a channel and a registered homeopath. Her training includes The School of Channeling, The College of Healing, Eagles Wing College of Contemporary Shamanism and The Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She lives and works in Stroud in Gloucestershire and sees clients for one to one sessions a well as doing monthly channeling and healing evenings in Stroud and Bristol.

Lisa loves to teach and is an experienced speaker with a dynamic and fun style and a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. She is now in the process of launching 'Bright Lights' a school which will run courses in channeling, healing and spiritual development.

Saturday 9th March, A full classification of Leylines, Earth Energies and Nodes – Rory Duff*

For the first time ever, a classification has been compiled that contains several different categories of Leylines, Earth Energies and their Nodes. How these categories are differentiated is explained and how the different groupings were arrived at. Anyone interesting in dowsing Earth Energies will find that using this classification will help them understand what they are finding and be able to more easily express that to other people. Of particular interest is how one set of energies was found to be particularly problematic for life on Earth. Living or working on these energies is not easy and can even be harmful to health. Long term exposure to these frequencies seems to also bring serious illness and disease.

Rory Duff currently runs the Bristol Dowsers Society and has been dowsing for 35 years. He has dowsed over 10,000 miles of earth energy lines on site over the area of North Wiltshire and produced the 1st ever Earth energy line map over an area of 70km by 50km. In 2012 he was awarded the British Society of Dowsers Billy Gawn prize for his research into Earth Energies.

For more information on Rory's work refer to his website

Saturday 13th April, Elementals my dear Watson - Working with Nature Spirits – Adrian Incledon-Webber*

There must be fact behind our Folklore, otherwise it would not have stood the test of time. The Leprechauns of Ireland, the Troll of Scandinavia and Iceland, the Fairies on the Isle of Man, so many countries have their tales of the little folk and all are slightly different.

They are the unseen (by most) and tireless workers of the world and they are linked to the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water. By identifying and working with them their energies can be harnessed for the good of us and the planet.

During his talk Adrian will identify various groups of elementals, how we can recognise their presence and how to connect with them to benefit us, our homes and gardens. He will also explain how they can become trapped in our homes, the sort of problems that they can cause us and our pets, and importantly how to rescue them.

Adrian started Dowsing Spirits some eleven years ago, he is a full time dowser/healer (geomancer), Life Guide, author of ‘Heal Your Home’ (described as the bible of Geopathic Stress), new book ‘Spirit & Earth’ (a handbook for modern holistic living) and tutor of various dowsing and healing courses and workshops through the country. He is a former Vice President to the British Society of Dowsers and past chair of their Earth Energies and Healing Groups.

Further details on his books, DVD and House Healing work are available on his informative website

Saturday 11th May, Healing - Energy, Spirit and You - What you need to know but were too afraid to ask!!- Paul Syrett

Whether you seek more fulfilment from your daily life, or you are battling emotional, physical or spiritual problems which are holding you back, this talk will offer you something to think about.

This practical and hands on talk explores the way in which your energetic body is affected by the universe around you, how your spiritual, emotional and mental health can affect your physical wellbeing and how you, in your own unique way can heal yourself and others.

With examples and case studies galore Paul will draw on his own experiences as a healer to share how the relationship between your conscious and unconscious mind can influence your health. We will explore how your energetic body interfaces with your environment, the effect of nature, time and place and how you can tap into the life force in and around you to make subtle but profound changes in your life.

Paul is an experienced intuitive healer working in the capacity of a facilitator, connecting his clients with the wisdom of Spirit and the wider universe enabling them to identify and heal what is holding them back.

This practical and hands on talk will allow you to understand your origins, your life purpose and to explore how you can empower yourself to live your best life.

Saturday 8th June, Dowsing the Linear Landscape. Nigel Twinn*

Long straight lines, currents and forces do much to shape the environment around us - particularly the parts that few of us can see or sense directly.

In this context, the way dowsing has developed in recent decades has tended to promote Leys (whatever they are?!) to a status which they may, or may not, deserve. We’ll have a closer look at them, but also at a raft of other linear features that we can all detect quite easily - perhaps with a little bit of gentle prompting.

A session to excite novices - and to challenge the more experienced. Only soft or psychic objects may be thrown at the speaker during this talk!

Saturday 13th July, Field Trip to visit Tortworth Chestnut and the Tortworth Arboretum, and to throw in some archaeological dowsing for the old estate. Hosted by our own Druids, Terry and Teresa Dellbridge

Ever wanted to really experience a tree? To feel it and see if you are able to communicate with it? Learn how to sense the energies of the trees? See how Earth energies interwork with trees? Work out ages and even a trees role? Are there Elementals about and learn about them? Even try your hand at finding the ancient Tortworth court.

Then this is a dowsing opportunity not to be missed!

Terry was Forest Manager at Tortworth for many years and his personal relationship with the current owners has secured us this visit.

Terry and Teresa will meet you at the Tortworth Chestnut, a tree of tremendous history with legend saying it was planted in 800AD in the reign of King Egbert. Thomas Pakenham refers to it as: ‘By far the most fully documented tree in Britain’ with written records going back to C1200.

They will then lead us around the Tortworth Arboretum, one of the finest in the county, where we will continue our discovery of Trees, Elementals and Energies. If time allows we will take in some Archeological exploration of Tortworth Court and see what we can find, then marry up to the plans! As this is an amazing opportunity to really try your skills, we will incorporate a lunch stop along the way either in one of the local food places or just bring a picnic.

We will then go to the Arboretum which is one of the finest in the county to continue our explorations and if time allows, will explore the site of the original Tortworth Estate to try our hands at archaeological dowsing.

Saturday 10th August - Belas Knap Long Barrow. Liz Poraj-Wilczynska*

Liz Poraj-Wilczynska is archaeographer and dowser who has worked on the Cotswolds for the past 20 years. The Belas Knap project is an investigation into sensory archaeology and phenomenology of landscape. Why did the barrow builders choose this place to create a home for the dead? What is special about this place and how can we connect with the magical realm of the ancestors? This is a dowsing adventure not to be missed one that we can all discover for ourselves. Energy lines, underground water, interaction with spirit of place and local folklore are just a few of the topics covered in this extraordinary talk.

Saturday 14th September – Albion Dreamtime. Re-Enchanting the Isle of Dragons. Peter Knight*

Based on Sue Wallace and Peter Knight’s new, full colour book about their journeying and experiences of 100 of Britain’s magical, natural sacred places.

Across England, Wales and Scotland, they chanted, dowsed, drummed, meditated and re-enchanted these ancient sacred sites, which include waterfalls, fairy glens, rocking stones, ancient forests, caves and sacred rock outcrops. They suggest that it was at such sacred places as these that Albion’s earliest visitors and inhabitants went to contact the spirit of the land and their ancestors. Sue and Peter advocate that these places need to be visited and revered again, in these challenging times.

* Denotes a visiting speaker