Golding Dowsing


Unless otherwise stated, meetings are held twice each month in the Slimbridge Village Hall – on the second Thursday at 1.45 for a 2.30pm start and the fourth Saturday at 9.45 for a 10.30am start.

Meetings until Thursday 9th March will be held at Slimbridge Village Hall. All other meetings after that date will be held at Kinghill House, Kingshill Lane, Dursley, GL11 4BZ. The first of these will be Saturday the 25th March. MAP

* Denotes a visiting speaker

Thursday 12th January

Dowsing - Back to Basics – Barry Goldring & Peter Gibson

This will be a Back-to-Basics workshop for beginners and improvers, and a refresher course for members wanting to increase their confidence. Barry and Peter will be giving a brief talk and demonstration, and will then invite you to practise hands-on dowsing for yourselves. Weather permitting this might be out of doors, but if it’s too cold or wet, there is plenty to dowse in the village hall.

Followed at 4 pm by a one-off Health & Wellbeing demonstration by Peter Golding (President)

Peter has kindly offered to give a demonstration of his tried-and-tested method – using checklists – for dowsing the source of the pain or problem, and how to be the channel for sending healing without touching the patient. Based on the Bishop’s Rule, dowsing the distance outside the body can indicate how deep-seated within the problem lies.

I have seen Peter do this on a couple of remarkable occasions. Usually his Courses are quite expensive, but this is your chance to learn his technique free of charge.

Saturday 28th January

Back to the Wonderful World of Mediumship with Karen Teague*

Karen returns by popular request for a second visit to SDG. We all remember the first time she came on 27th February 2016, and amazed and delighted us with messages from loved ones no longer with us.

Karen says, ‘My connection with the Spirit world is on a daily basis. As we all get caught up in our daily tasks and chores, most of us never realise that our departed family and friends are alongside us, guiding and helping us day in, day out. Every one of us can connect to an energy that is within and without, to guide us. It will help us to feel and know that death is not the end.’

Pub lunch and chat at the Tudor Arms after the meeting.

Thursday 9th February

Stepping Through the Dimensions of Time with Ros Milward

Ros writes, ‘Following on from my talk in October 2015 on Vedic Cosmology in the landscape, in which I had revealed by dowsing a series of circles from the Sun and Venus circles through to the Moon and Earth circles, I have been led on even deeper in a journey that is multi-dimensional.

‘Through intuition, I became aware that I was being led on a journey of initiation very much interconnected and stimulated by my previous and also ongoing ‘awakening’ to other dimensions and thought forms. I am channelling higher intelligence through all my senses quite literally through clairvoyance of seeing vision pictures; to clairaudience of hearing channelled dialogue; to claircognizance of intuitive information popping into my head; to clairsentience via emotional input and physical sensation; all of which is little used, but extremely helpful in awareness of spirit (both good and bad).

‘In June 2016 Barry Goldring and I went in search of an amazing insight, which I’d held for some time – it’s all about timing.

What we found was astounding to say the least, and was to open up many avenues, as in the inerconnectedness of all things. These ‘avenues’ were to bring me full circle back to my own site and garden which I was to discover had been a Temple site in 2600 BC of which I was a part, and that is by no means the end of my story . . . !’

Saturday 25th February

Dartmoor Mindscapes - Revisioning Sacred Landscapes with Peter Knight*

This groundbreaking book covers Peter’s research, including profound personal experiences, based on ‘cognitive archaeology’. He uncovers the intricate relationships between tor outcrops and other natural features, with stone circles, stone rows, cairns and megaliths. He insightfully proposes that our prehistoric ancestors interacted with notable outcrops, simulacra, rock basins and propped stones; the author gets inside the minds of prehistoric people and their shamans, to walk their Dreamtime. We are invited to perceive landscapes as interfaces, saturated with cultural and mythic memory.

Peter goes on to suggest how we can walk and interact with the landscape in a more meaningful and mindful way today, to develop deeper connections with the sacred and ancient mindscapes of Dartmoor. The book also covers earth energies and dowsing, shamanism, acoustics, astronomical and landscape alignments, and more.

Pub lunch and chat at the Tudor Arms after the meeting.

Thursday 9th March

From Guatemala to Orion via Norway: our journey of sacred geometry from the land to the stars with Bea Martin & David Johnson, the Bards of Avalon* plus Tibetan singing bowls

In 2008 we were guided to attend a conference in Luxor, Egypt that would change our lives. It set us off on a journey that would take us deep into the jungles of Guatemala to explore Mayan mysteries and from there to cocreate sacred geometry in the forests of Norway where we celebrated the ‘end’ of the Mayan calendar in 2012.

In this presentation, we will be bringing the Tibetan singing bowls and we’ll also be sharing our experiences of this journey of sacred geometry with video, images and live sound. We will also use Flower of Life mats and meditation pyramids to enhance your experience.


Saturday 25th March

Songs and Shamanism: The Healing Power of Music with Alex West & Scottie –

Most of us are familiar with the use of music to enhance spirituality: hymns at church, Buddhist chanting, Shamanic drumming and singing of the psalms are just a few examples.

It’s also possible to use spirituality to enhance musical performances, and to use music for healing in many contexts.

No prior knowledge of music or Shamanism is required to enjoy this talk. We will briefly describe a classic Shamanic journey, and explain how the basic practices can be used in most areas of life and integrated with other faiths or philosophies including dowsing.

We have been working musicians for most of our lives, and have been performing as a duo since 2011. Since December 2014, Alex has started to learn Shamanic journeying and practices, which we have then been able to integrate into music. Examples include:

  • Using power animals and spirit guides to boost our confidence, skills and health, including ‘dreaming up’ a herbal sore throat remedy
  • Invoking animals and guides to help us bring comfort and enjoyment to the residents of care homes
  • Helping our singing and guitar students cope with anxiety using their own power animals and ‘safe places’
  • Writing music inspired by journeying
  • Using Alex’s Viking spirit guide to help to calm down a slightly rough pub gig, and to avoid completely an extremely rough pub gig.

We hope this talk will capture the wonder, humour and emotional awakening that characterises Shamanism.

We plan to continue our pub lunches after Saturday morning meetings, pub to be confirmed.

Thursday 13th April

Easter week - no meeting

Saturday 22nd April

Dowsing Our New Home - Barbara Davis and Barry Goldring

Yes, let’s get to know what there is to dowse at Kingshill House – ley lines, history, entities? Ably led by Barbara and Barry, he says, “Some preliminary map dowsing showed a few Neolithic and Bronze Age buildings on this site, and a larger Iron Age settlement too. There may even be a few Roman buildings. If you fancy something more ephemeral, there are bound to be earth energies, and a few entities (hopefully all beneficial) in and around a building of this age. During a preliminary visit, Trish found a ley coming through the front door and stopping in the middle of the hall. There are bound to be more delights on site – we just have to find them.” Come along and see what you can find; debriefing afterwards to see who found what.

Pub lunch and chat at the Old Spot after every Saturday meeting.

Thursday 11th May

Prestbury Ghost Walk (minibus booked) - Elizabeth Poraj-Wilczynska

We will meet outside the front door of St Mary’s church in the heart of Prestbury, reputedly one of the most haunted villages in England with at least twenty ghostly tales to its name.

Why is Prestbury so haunted? We will be dowsing for earth energies and water, and looking for clues in the architecture and natural phenomena. We will be using our senses to discover hot spots where apparitions may be likely to occur. The tour will include local history, folklore, mystery and magic. We will conclude with a visit to a local pub to discuss our findings and relax amongst the spirits!

We are limited to 20 on this walk. Some folks will travel direct, but ALL names in advance please to Steve Sanderson.

Ride sharing: Several members have kindly offered to ride share, so we will meet at Kingshill House at 12.30 p.m. where you can leave your own car in their car park. There is free parking in a small car park clearly signposted from the main street in Prestbury first left past the Kings Arms pub as you drive in from Cheltenham (Idsall Drive).There is also free parking in Mill Street and a small pay and display car park at the back of the Kings Head car park. Don’t forget to let Steve know you’re coming!

Price £8 per person

Saturday 27th May

Bank Holiday weekend - no meeting

Thursday 15th June

Dragons, Elementals and Nature Spirits – how love and communication can bring fertility and abundance to Living Landscape - Patrick MacManaway

For over 6,500 years, sustainable agriculture has been supported, interwoven and based upon the careful management of the subtle energies of the landscape, dialogue with Devas, and communication with the many and varied Spirits of Place.

The shift in the agricultural paradigm (meaning example, pattern, practice) over the last 100 years, from the practice of ‘husbandry’ to that of ‘agricultural science’, has broken the traditional cycle of biology, relationship and spiritual connection that supported and sustained us for so long.

The subsequent and accelerating devastation of these practices has destroyed top soil, destroyed soil biology, destroyed the capacity for soil to absorb and retain moisture, destroyed the capacity for farmland to support wildlife, and produces food that is indigestible due to genetic modification, depleted in minerals, nutrients and life force, with the consequent degradation of human health.

The emerging field of Quantum-based Agriculture looks to restore the fundamental principles that have kept agriculture sustainable since early times, and gives us once again a bright future for farm and food.

Dr. Patrick MacManaway is a third generation practitioner of dowsing, psychic and healing arts, holds a degree in Medicine and is a Past-President of the British Society of Dowsers.

In this talk he will present case studies with insights and observations arising from working with farmers on farms in the UK, USA and Australia.

Saturday 24th June

Qi Gong with Donna and Liam*

I first thought Qi Gong (sometimes spelled Chi Gong) would appeal to our members when Rob Gerrish told me he had joined a class at Lotus Nei Gong Bristol, and found it helped his concentration, perception and dowsing skills.

You don’t have to be mega-fit to enjoy it, although you might end up fitter than when you began!

Donna and Liam have both completed a three-year teacher training certificate with the Lotus Nei Gong School of Daoist Arts, with whom they have been training for eight years. Both have practised martial arts and meditation for many years and enjoy passing on the Daoist Arts to others.

As Liam explains, “Qi Gong can be translated as meaning ‘energy work’. It involves working with the body’s energy system through gentle exercises. It is beneficial for body, mind and spirit. The exercises help develop balance in the energy system, also known in acupuncture as the meridian system. Different sets of Qi Gong exercises offer tonifying, purging and regulating functions.

It not only brings health but maintains health. When practising Qi Gong, you learn to combine various body movements with your breathing and your intent to create a healthy flow of internal energy (Qi) throughout.

The Daoist arts are about development and change. Through training and selfcultivation, you hope to condition your body, energy system and mind to seek good health, harmony and ultimately self realisation. Qi Gong does not look much from the outside but the effects are powerful on the inside.”

Please note, for this event only, we will be using the Eyre Room at Kingshill House, far back left as you enter the hall.

Pub lunch and chat at the Old Spot after every Saturday meeting.

Thursday 13th July

Numerology - Sonia Ducie

Saturday 22nd July

Templars, earth energies, astronomical links, reincarnation - Mark Herbert

Thursday 3rd August

Keith’s Farm at Arlingham –

How does a day ticket for £15 to a local festival sound to you? Most festivals avoid selling day tickets these days, but the Spirit of Awen festival runs from 2nd to 6th August and will be held at Keith’s farm in Arlingham – West End Farm, Church Road, Arlingham, GL2 7JL

I wrote to ask the organisers if they would like a free mention in our newsletter, and they said yes please, and will you do a talk or workshop on dowsing for us too!

So Barbara Davis and I are going to do our double act, a talk usually for the WI and local Groups, but we’ll jazz it up a bit, and take along rods for folks to have a go.

Speakers usually get free entry, and we have been offered a special deal for SDG Members only, on Thursday 3rd August only – a day ticket for £15.

They will need names on the gate, so please let me know in advance if you intend to go. You pay on the gate, as usual, so I don’t need your money, just your name. Please send to

Other workshops and speakers include Professor Ronald Hutton, author and historian; Ffyona Campbell on the longforgotten migration routes our Hunter- Gatherer Ancestors used in order to find wild food in every season throughout Britain; Rune master Phil Woodward; practising Shamans Xanthe Watery Tiger & Julie Sanderson offering Shamanic group drumming and journeying workshops; Clare Brennan with her horses; June Waller offering sacred ‘Honouring the Body’ Workshops; Jamie Joel-Blackwater with something cosmic; Lady Oakwood Crafts – all things wooden; Trevor & Stephanie Hubbard on mead and wine; Steve Davis on the rhythms of the land, and the natural, ritual & seasonal wheel of the year.

So come along and enjoy, and if you would like to come and help folks learn to dowse at our SDG workshop, please do.

Directions: Take the turning to Frampton on Severn off the A38; follow the Perry Way to Frampton, see village green on your left. Pass the Bell Inn, also on your left, cross the canal via the swing bridge, then take the left hand turn as you leave the bridge. Continue until you reach Arlingham. See Red Lion pub on your right, turn left opposite the pub into Church Road, follow past the church, camp will be signposted with turning on your left hand side. MAP

Thursday 10th August

Saturday 26th August

Bank Holiday weekend - no meeting

Thursday 14th September

NLP & Health

Saturday 23rd September

Field trip - Guided Tour of Belas Knapp (minibus booked) - Elizabeth Poraj-Wilczynska

Thursday 12th October

Medical Herbalist return visit by popular request - Caroline Sheldrick

Saturday 28th October

Dowsing & Practising Intuition in Every Aspect of Living - Christopher Strong, Dowser

Thursday 9th November

AGM - good fun last year! - Barry & Peter Gibson – Archaeology Group update

Saturday 25th November

Knights Templar and the Turin Shroud - Trish Mills

Thursday 14th December



The Convention of Alternative Archaeology & Earth Mysteries

is run by Peter Knight in Pewsey, Wiltshire, the first Sunday in October. Tickets have always been £20 but might increase, discount if bought early.

Network of Leyhunters Summer Moot,

Newport, Pembrokeshire. Starts 17th June with Speakers Day, Guided bus Tour on Sunday with Robin Heath. Minibus tours plus walking Monday to Friday, ends 24th June, 2017. Phone Laurence Maine on 01650 531354

The Healing Weekend

is on 14th, 15th and 16th July 2017 – Secret World, Highbridge, Somerset TA9 3PZ. They have a tried-and-trusted format of speakers in three different marquees throughout each day, plus a large marquee with all sorts of alternative treatments and therapies available; lots of trade stands plus dancing, drumming, and music in the evenings.

Plenty of parking and several B&Bs.

Devon & Cornwall Pagan Federation Spring Conference,

Bude, 11th March, 2017. www.paganfederationdevonand

Megalithomania, Glastonbury

May 20th–21st 2017, Town Hall, Glastonbury. Two-day event, with megalithic tours before and after on the Friday, Monday & Tuesday. Tickets £86.00. Speakers – Freddy Silva, Prof Ronald Hutton, Howard Crowhurst, Yousef & Patricia Awyan, Nicholas Cope, Hugh Newman, Scott Skinner. Tours include Friday 19th private access to Stonehenge; Monday 22nd Exmoor & Dartmoor; Tuesday 23rd Avebury, Devils Den, Silbury Hill.

Devon & Cornwall Pagan Federation Spring Conference,

Bude, 11th March, 2017. www.paganfederationdevonand

And the Fabulous Finale of the last ever Cornbury Festival 7th–9th July 2017. Cornbury in Oxfordshire is a one-of-akind, lovingly-crafted open-air party. A country fair with a rock ’n roll twist, civilised, charming and irresistible, a cross between a music festival and a fete! Or so it says on their website. I always meant to go but never have.> Trish Mills