Golding Dowsing


Unless otherwise stated, meetings are held twice each month – on the second Thursday at 1.45 for a 2.30pm start and the fourth Saturday at 9.45 for a 10.30am start.

Meetings are held at Kinghill House, Kingshill Lane, Dursley, GL11 4BZ. MAP

* Denotes a visiting speaker

Saturday 27th January

Social Medium with Karen Teague* Everybody’s favourite Medium.

I know it’s a cliche, but Karen Teague genuinely needs no introduction. She amazed and delighted us with the remarkable accuracy of her mediumship in 2016 and 2017, and now returns for a third visit.

Karen was discovered when a mutual friend introduced her to Trish Mills in order to publish her book. As part of the fee, Trish asked for a private reading, which almost knocked her socks off! Other members say their lives have been changed since receiving messages from loved ones through Karen.

Thursday 8th February

My awakening Journey with Spirit, history and my home - Paul Syrett

Paul Syrett was recently elected Chair of Slimbridge Dowsing Group having only been a member for a short time. It just seemed like the right thing. This has been a common theme in Paul’s life over a long career working in IT, dealing with serious health issues and more than his fair share of near death experiences. Paul lives with his partner Suzanne, six of their children, three dogs and their lodger Tim who has played a significant role in Paul’s current and past lives.

Their home is central to the tale of an ordinary bloke who has experienced some very extraordinary things. The house was built more than 1,000 years ago on sacred land and the site of ancient stone circles and both Paul and the house have links with Merlin and Arthur.

Connections of people and place feature in a tale of dowsing, elemental beings, faeries and goddesses. There are lessons in history and some interesting new discoveries.

This talk is about a journey of healing and self-discovery which highlights those connections which form the fabric of our everyday lives and offers insights into the way in which our world is changing every day, especially if we open our eyes and our minds to appreciate it.

Saturday 24th February

The Song of the Tarot the Romany Way with Maria Wheatley*

Tarot is a great tool for spiritual self-development and it can accurately predict future cycles and events. Over 30 years ago, I was taught the Romany Way of reading the Tarot, which is called the Song of the Tarot. I have developed the Song and you will be amazed at how rhythmic and easy it is to understand the meaning of the cards, which portray a psychology and spiritual meaning.

Like looking into a mirror, the cards reflect the inner dynamics of a person; how they are thinking and feeling. Outer dynamics, such as family, relationships and work are also revealed, giving a holistic understanding and insight into a person’s life.

Future cycles and events are hinted at so that we can work with the energies to manifest the future. Tarot is a Seer’s portal into the past, present and future, allowing us to grow and develop at all levels. Embracing the guidance that tarot offers is to flow with the unseen and ever-present universal energies that guide our soul’s development.

Thursday 8th March

Dowsing For Past Lives with Diane Holliday* Our erstwhile Chairman returns with a fascinating talk

Does our soul move on to a new life when we die? If so, how do we know if WE have been here before? We can use dowsing to ask the questions, but of course, we know we only get decent answers when we ask the right questions. Today we will attempt to do just that...

In this talk we will look at the religious and cultural backgrounds of reincarnation; some that think we may have had past lives, those that ‘know’ we have had past lives and others that consider our souls go to rest in heaven for ever.

Saturday 24th March


Easter Weekend is 30th March – 1st April

Thursday 12th April

Bards of Avalon - Dowsing each other before and after a Sound Bath!

Thursday 10th May

Barbara Davis - Dowsing our local Church

Saturday 26th May

Barry Goldring & Rob Jewell - Dowsing the haunted Ram Inn in the UK for spirits & tunnels

Thursday 14th June

Paul Syrett - My awakening journey with Spirit, history and my home

Saturday 23rd June

Colin Parker - How to read Stonehenge

Thursday 12th July

Christopher Strong - Workshop (Art Room)

Saturday 28th July

Jon Martin - How to build a house with a little help from Dowsing!

Thursday 9th August

Keith Jones & Barry Goldring - Dowsing the dock on Keith’s farm, Arlingham

Saturday 25th August


Thursday 13th September

Peter Knight* - Experiencing the Prehistoric Stone Rows of Europe

Saturday 22nd September


Thursday 11th October

Paul Syrett - Sacred land and Earth Energies

21st - 22nd October

Mark Herbert - Callarde Dowsing Weekend at Mark’s Templar home

Thursday 8th November

AGM + Archaeological Dowsing Update with Barry Goldring

Saturday 24th November


Thursday 13th December

Christmas lunch

Trish Mills