Golding Dowsing


Unless otherwise stated, meetings are held twice each month in the Slimbridge Village Hall – on the second Thursday at 1.45 for a 2.30pm start and the fourth Saturday at 9.45 for a 10.30am start.

Meetings until Thursday 9th March will be held at Slimbridge Village Hall. All other meetings after that date will be held at Kinghill House, Kingshill Lane, Dursley, GL11 4BZ. The first of these will be Saturday the 25th March. MAP

* Denotes a visiting speaker

Thursday 12th October

Medical Herbalist return visit by popular request - Caroline Sheldrick

What is it about flowers? Why the immediate appeal to our senses, our imagination, our sense of wellbeing? In a broad-ranging talk, medical herbalist Caroline Sheldrick poses some questions you never knew you wanted answers to: how does human metabolism relate to that of flowering plants? Why do we mark births, marriages and deaths with flowers? And what do the Latin names of flowering plants tell us about their history in medicine?

Saturday 28th October

Some Events in the Life of a Sceptical Dowser - Christopher Strong*

Christopher Strong has been dowsing for only 40 years and although retired as a professional Dowser, he still mentors students at the College of Psychic Studies. He finds himself as a bewildered child in this maze of wonderful-ness that is a dowsers’ every-day world. He loves to share his peculiar experiences before, as he puts it, ‘falling off the log’.

Thursday 9th November

Annual General Meeting

This year’s AGM is an important one, with several changes afoot. Please make every effort to attend – we need your vote.

We are going from two meetings per month to one. Would you prefer your monthly meetings on a Thursday afternoon or a Saturday morning? We will discuss this before the vote, so come along and express your opinion.

Nominees invited for the positions of Chairman and Vice Chairman
This is your chance to make your voice and opinions heard Don’t miss out – 1.45 for 2.30 p.m. Tea & Coffee beforehand.

Followed by Barry Goldring with an Update on the development of the Archaeological Group.
Barry says, ‘Between writing this and the AGM we shall have made another visit to Keith’s farm (to replace the cancelled one), and also to Rob’s farm (weather permitting!). I've also done some more work on Keith’s dock, so prepare for more exciting revelations!
Anyone interested in joining the Archaeological Group is welcome.

Friday 24th November

Is your life Choreographed? Exploring Soul Resonance in Time & Space with Mark Herbert*

Have you ever wondered why life events have synchronistic and repeating patterns? Would you like convincing proof of the soul’s entwined connections with other souls? Are you lost or seeking to clarify an outcome caused by decisions or events in your life?
This talk is the missing link between Mark’s talk for SDG in July and the Workshop tomorrow

Saturday 25th November — pre-booked attendees only please

Soul Resonance Workshop with Mark Herbert*

This workshop arose out of Mark’s talk on Soul Resonance on 22nd July this year. His message was so popular, the 24 places were fully booked within 24 hours! There is a waiting list for places on a second workshop (date to be decided). If you would like to be added to it, please let Mark know.

Thursday 14th December

SDG Christmas Lunch

After last year’s disaster (Oh yes it was!) we are going to the Fromebridge Mill Whitminster, GL2 7PD for our Christmas lunch this year, and it is a carvery, so you select your food when you are ready and return to your table to eat while it is hot.

We have booked a table for 20 in the dining room upstairs from 12.30 for 1 p.m. So come a little earlier than that, go to the bar, and order a drink and your meal. (You can see the full menu beforehand on christmas/christmas-food/festivemenu.

You will be given a ticket to present at the carvery. Then come upstairs and join the rest of us. Once everyone is there and we have meeted and greeted, we can go downstairs to the carvery, select the meat of our choice (or not!), help ourselves to vegetables, and then return upstairs to eat it while it is hot.

Fromebridge Mill was mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086. It came under the ownership of the Godstow Abbey in 1228. A wooden bridge crosses the mill race as you approach and you can see the mill wheel and it’s workings inside.

This means there is a lot of history and therefore a lot to dowse for those who would like to. Bring your dowsing rods just in case! We’re not promising ghosts or bad energies, although you can dowse for those if you feel so inclined. There is a great deal of interest here, apart from the excellent food! To save your place, please book with Elaine: 01453 796360



The Convention of Alternative Archaeology & Earth Mysteries

is run by Peter Knight in Pewsey, Wiltshire, the first Sunday in October. Tickets have always been £20 but might increase, discount if bought early.

Network of Leyhunters Summer Moot,

Newport, Pembrokeshire. Starts 17th June with Speakers Day, Guided bus Tour on Sunday with Robin Heath. Minibus tours plus walking Monday to Friday, ends 24th June, 2017. Phone Laurence Maine on 01650 531354

The Healing Weekend

is on 14th, 15th and 16th July 2017 – Secret World, Highbridge, Somerset TA9 3PZ. They have a tried-and-trusted format of speakers in three different marquees throughout each day, plus a large marquee with all sorts of alternative treatments and therapies available; lots of trade stands plus dancing, drumming, and music in the evenings.

Plenty of parking and several B&Bs.

Devon & Cornwall Pagan Federation Spring Conference,

Bude, 11th March, 2017. www.paganfederationdevonand

Megalithomania, Glastonbury

May 20th–21st 2017, Town Hall, Glastonbury. Two-day event, with megalithic tours before and after on the Friday, Monday & Tuesday. Tickets £86.00. Speakers – Freddy Silva, Prof Ronald Hutton, Howard Crowhurst, Yousef & Patricia Awyan, Nicholas Cope, Hugh Newman, Scott Skinner. Tours include Friday 19th private access to Stonehenge; Monday 22nd Exmoor & Dartmoor; Tuesday 23rd Avebury, Devils Den, Silbury Hill.

Devon & Cornwall Pagan Federation Spring Conference,

Bude, 11th March, 2017. www.paganfederationdevonand

And the Fabulous Finale of the last ever Cornbury Festival 7th–9th July 2017. Cornbury in Oxfordshire is a one-of-akind, lovingly-crafted open-air party. A country fair with a rock ’n roll twist, civilised, charming and irresistible, a cross between a music festival and a fete! Or so it says on their website. I always meant to go but never have.> Trish Mills