Water divining

PHOTO GALLERY Visiting Speakers at Slimbridge Dowsing Group

  • Adrianne Jones talks about Medieval medicine and Herbs April 2014
  • Anne Lodygowski testing Steve for Intolerance using Kinesiology
  • Anne Lodygowski using a surrogate
  • Anne Lodygowski helping Julie to dowse for her cat's problem
  • Avril Holland talks about benefits of water
  • Catrina Crute talks about nutrition
  • Dowsing the dragons of Albion with Barry Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare March 2014
  • Kelly Peacey shares her crystals and her knowledge at Slimbridge Dowsing Group
  • Laurence Main Talks about Leys
  • Laurence Main Talks about Leys
  • Peter Knight talks about West Kennet Longbarrow also landscapes, Shamans and the cosmos April 2013
  • Peter Knight talks about the Cerne Giant March 2014
  • Peter Taylor
  • Peter Taylor map dowsing
  • Jey Korn demonstrating energy fields
  • Joey Korn
  • George Applegate demonstrating
  • George Applegate Signs book for Jeannie