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Saturday 26th November, How Does Dowsing Work? - Peter Golding

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “How does dowsing work?” Until now we’ve always said, “Nobody knows!” but in his talk on Saturday 26th November, our Chairman Peter Golding bravely attempted to provide an answer. How long have you got?

We are all born with the ability to dowse, anyone can do it - until we’re told we can’t! And yes, it takes a lot of concentration, focus, application and intent, a sort of self-training to make it happen.

But OK, that achieved, what are we tuning into? Where does the information indicated by our rods or pendulum come from? This is where it starts to get complicated. Bear with us.

Everything in the universe is energy. And everything, including human beings, plants, animals, and even inanimate objects, are all constantly emitting and receiving energy. Some people can see this energy field or aura, and in some cases it can be photographed and measured. It contains all the details of all events experienced by all these humans, objects, etc.

Dowsers from a bygone era

However, these electromagnetic vibrations don’t stop at the outer edge of the aura. They continue to emanate across the entire planet, combining to form an energy matrix like a vast, hidden database of human awareness termed a ‘collective consciousness’. There is no hiding place!

Peter Golding Peter Golding during his presentation

Given that all this energy is out there all the time, dowsers and those sensitive enough can mentally tune in to it, and connect via the  subconscious mind. Our brain focuses on the information it seeks, and the subconscious mind passes this information back to the brain via all the body’s cells. The brain then connects with our motor nerves, minutely affecting the muscles in our fingers causing our rods or pendulums to move in response.

When we are dowsing, of course, we are totally unaware of this process, it happens in the same way as we continue breathing, our hearts keep on beating, without our having to control any of it. In the same way as we don’t need to know how a car works in order to drive it, equally we don’t need to know how dowsing works in order to dowse.

We wonder if this might be how the power of prayer works too, when enough people come together and pray really hard for something. But again, we just don’t know.

Our next meeting will be our very popular Christmas party on Thursday 8th December at 2 pm. We will have our traditional four tables of items to dowse. There will be nibbles and fun, the January 2012 Newsletter will be available, and copies of ‘This Rabbit is Constipated’ on sale too. All welcome.

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