Slimbridge Dowsing


Not your usual energy shop. Trish Mills visits Michael Chaplin's Inspirational World

Some of the shops in Dursley’s Parsonage Street are believed to have a resident ghost (or two), but not number 24. However, it does have an unusually uplifting energy.

“I noticed it as soon as I walked in,” said Trish, a local dowser and member of Slimbridge Dowsing Group (SDG). So she asked the proprietor, Michael Chaplin, for permission to dowse, and he was delighted.

“The rods immediately indicated energy spirals throughout the shop,” she continued. “Or it might even have been simply one big spiral.”

It is possible the energy spirals were there when the premises were occupied by the Community Shop before Michael moved in, but it is more likely that the uplifting energy has arrived as a result of all the colourful handicrafts and Fair Trade items he stocks from all over the world. This often happens.

“We followed the dowsing rods throughout the shop,” she continued. “The spirals seemed stronger over the highly-coloured mosaic plates from Bali, the display of crystals, and the seating area with the Celtic designs where customers can sit and have a cup of tea.”

Members of Slimbridge Dowsers

Michael Chaplin dowsing outside his shop, Inspirational World, in Parsonage Street, Dursley

Seeing the rods apparently move by themselves got Michael interested in dowsing too, and he now stocks dowsing rods, SDG’s book, 'This Rabbit is Constipated' containing reports of SDG speakers’ talks that have appeared in the Gazette, and copies of their quarterly newsletter. He is currently offering the rods and book at a special price, and newsletters are free anyway.

Customers are welcome to come and have a go with the rods before they buy, just to see if dowsing works for them. “You have to persevere though,” warns Trish. “Everyone can dowse, but it might not happen immediately. Although with all that uplifting energy, you might not be able to stop them!”