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There are minor Mediums, and medium Mediums, and then there is Karen Teague, Medium Extraordinaire. She came to us last year, and amazed us with messages from loved ones no longer with us. So we invited her back for more on 28th January, and were not disappointed.

Before she even began, one of our members, S asked her how we could see ghosts on the planned Prestbury Ghost Walk in May, and Karen said, “I’ll show you!”

She asked S to stand still with his eyes closed and relax completely. She meditated, grasped his hand and led him over to H, asking if we could connect S to her deceased grandmother. Karen asked S how he felt and he said he had a pain in his chest before we started. She then asked H’s grandmother to connect to him. “It was one the most incredible experiences I've had,” confessed S. “I felt pins and needles throughout my entire body and an incredible rush of what I can only describe as love passed through me, and all pain disappeared. I felt like bursting into tears! There was so much emotion passing through me, I can't describe it.”

Then the meeting began, and Karen spoke briefly about her early life: she had always been a ‘square peg in a round hole’, afraid of the living, far more comfortable with the spirit of those long gone. At the age of five, she would visit a nearby Roman burial ground, where she sat listening and talking to the spirits of the departed Roman soldiers, who were more real to her than the ladies in the entrance kiosk who let her in free of charge.

Karen went on to tell us that everybody can connect to the spirit world. Mediums pick up on ‘the light’, and Karen picks up on global energies too. On the 23rd December 2016, she said, a shift in planetary alignments had occurred changing the world portals, which meant that there was also more of a balance and equality of male and female, the yin and yang energies. Already more and more new-borns are considered to be more ‘switched on’ to the shift in energies, which is essential at this time of change in the world.

She noticed many of our members and guests in the room were already very spiritually connected. She then spoke to us on behalf of the Spirits who are usually with us, and that day had joined us to give messages to those needing to hear them most.

She spoke first to different S, seeing him as being very creative and describing his character and outlining his life to a T. She moved on to A, his partner, acknowledging her as a saviour, with a beautiful energy, strong, giving and loving.

Next Karen had messages for H, whose late Grandmother had been a meticulous hoarder, and described some of her mannerisms. H said it was a very accurate description.

She surprised K by telling him he was an enigma, which he acknowledged, and described his character and life very accurately. She even pointed out that most of his working life was spent outdoors and how much he loved animals. Although she did not know, as a farmer, K could not deny it.


* Guest speaker

Then Karen moved on to B, whose father had come through for her. Karen spoke of the very difficult life he had had, and the deep love he had for his daughter, although he had never told her he loved her. Her first comment to B was ‘Take that hat off!’ which was apparently typical of their relationship. It came through that B’s father was one of just two in his family to survive the Holocaust by coming to England alone on the Kinder Transport, his Lutheran father having been murdered by the Nazis for marrying a Jew.

Without any previous knowledge of any of us, she went on to tell A (a surveyor) that she could see him with property, and after some difficulties in recent years, his grandmother brought a message that everything would be alright.

Karen then turned her attention to L, describing her as nature spirited, very connected, who likes to walk and is involved with crystals. She spoke of her late mother, and L’s current predicament. Again, L was amazed at the accuracy.

The audience was spellbound, agog for more. We are already planning to invite Karen back again next year.

Creating a Path...Leaving a Trail book cover

'Look at babies, Child,' said Rising Sun, my Indian Spirit Guide. 'They come into this world pure, and so ready to feel love. It is love that warms them, causes them to smile and to feel safe.

'But see a child who has anger and pain in its life, and they look away in fear and silence. As a soul, how can they believe in better, or understand love? Yet they keep trying, because as a soul they do know what unconditional love is. That is why they continue to feel love for their abuser.

'The purest of beings, babies feel only love and hunger from within. Feeling pain and anger is learned on the physical plane.'

About the author: Karen Teague is an experienced Medium who discovered her gift as a baby. Seeing Spirit at such a young age was frightening, and she fought against it. Spending her teenage years in denial, choosing to learn life's lessons the hard way, it took love and loss to show Karen her true path. Eventually discovering how to use her precious gift, Karen shares her wisdom and insights here, with more to follow in her next book.