Slimbridge Dowsing


Psychometric Dowsing - The Meeting That Wasn’t

Some things simply are not meant to be. Despite careful planning, our meeting on Saturday 28th March did not happen.

We knew in plenty of time that our usual venue, Slimbridge Village Hall, had been double booked for that date, and we had given in gracefully. We considered ourselves fortunate to find Cam Parish Hall available.

After a blizzard of e-mails, announcements at preceding meetings, and printed instructions for those not on the World Wide Web, all members were fully briefed, and knew where to come, where to park, and what to do.

On the Friday afternoon at the eleventh hour, our speaker on Psychometric Dowsing phoned and croaked that he was struck down by flu, in bed, and too dizzy to drive, let alone speak.

There was a flurry of phone calls trying to book an alternative, but the herbalist and T’ai Chi teacher were already committed, and the expert on Avebury was under the duvet with the same malady. (Although not the same speaker, as far as we know.)

Notwithstanding, at 9.55 a.m. a few brave souls gathered at the Cam Parish Hall doors. By 10.15 we did not need to dowse to know we had been forgotten. The rain did not help. We put a notice on the door and retreated to the Berry Blue Cafe.

A few more damp stragglers appeared, and followed our trail. But what with the original double booking, no speaker and no hall, we began to perceive that this meeting simply was not meant to be. It spooked us a bit - the Universe was determined we should be thwarted on this occasion.

(To give him his due, the poor Caretaker arrived at 12 noon, absolutely devastated at his lapse, and apologising profusely. He had had to go to Stroud, and completely forgotten us! He was so contrite, we forgave him immediately.)

Looking on the bright side, there was the new April to June Newsletter to circulate and devour, and we can look forward to some interesting and exciting talks and field trips in the spring and summer months. We hope!

Our next meeting will be in Slimbridge Village Hall as usual on Thursday 9th April when John Baker, founder and Chairman of London Dowsers, will be talking about dowsing for Wells, water and other holes in the ground. Phone 01453 545855 or