Slimbridge Dowsing


Chairman's Report

Well, what an interesting year it has been.

We are all members with not just a keenness to learn more about dowsing but the truths of the wider world around us. For me this year has certainly fulfilled those maxims.

Itís been a year where we have explored many facets of dowsing and its application within the world of today. The year started with an insight into mediumship then progressed through details on past lives, crystals, sound healing and exploration of local buildings and archaeology.

I hope my story of my journey with my introduction to dowsing has sparked an interest in your own life and how, what we do in the dowsing group, can equally be applied.

Jonís Talk on building a house with the aid of dowsing showed us what a tool dowsing can be to the challenges even life projects can bring. Christopher Strong visited again to deliver a workshop on the daily use of dowsing so in many senses we have gone full circle

The talk on Stonehenge I felt was fascinating and really showed us that the knowledge in the past was in many ways more advanced than ours is today. This was further enhanced by the fascinating insight into the Stone Rows that are sited throughout Europe by Peter Knight.

I hope that those of you who came for my talk on the relationship of Earth Energy and Sacred Land with the subsequent field trip can see how we and the application of dowsing can open up the wonders of the places we live. We found Leys, Earth chimneys, Vents & Columns; energy portals of differing types and finally at the end, an Earth Anchor point, which clearly needs more investigation and exploration from us.

We now look to the opportunities of 2019 and a programme which we hope will build on the exciting and informative year thatís gone before and a taster for which is enclosed.

So I would like to say thank you for your trust and faith in me over the last year and for continuing that trust through this next year, the newcomer to the group but who now feels that he is with kindred spirits and learning rapidly.

Paul Syrett

AGM news

As discussed at the AGM, we are staying at Kingshill House, Dursley for the foreseeable future for all out monthly meetings which as you know are now on a Saturday. The complete address is:

Kingshill House, Kingshill Lane, Dursley, Gloucestershire GL11 4BZ

Prior to our talks, from 9:45, we are offering tuition before any meeting start and following the meeting, we are reinstating our ďpub LunchesĒ at the Ranchers Steakhouse, on the road opposite. Starters start at £4.95 and mains at £9.95.

We would like to thank Terry and Teresa Dellbridge for stepping in to become our Treasurer/Membership secretaries and to thank Barbara for her many years as Treasurer/Membership secretary and Andrew as Vice Chairman for their help, which has been invaluable in continuing to take the group forward.

Lastly we would like to thank Lawrence Wadsworth for becoming our Assistant Librarian.

A Helping Hand Still Required

We have Special Interest Groups for Archaeological, Earth Energies, Health and Water dowsing. Barry Goldring continues to run the Archaeological Group, but we need leaders for the others. Please contact a committee member if youíre interested, details as below.

Obituary - Christopher Strong

It is with great sadness that we bring you the news that Christopher Strong died very suddenly on Saturday, 1 December.

Christopher was an extraordinary man, a remarkable dowser and also a highly regarded and much-loved teacher. Always very generous with his knowledge, Christopher was a stalwart supporter of the BSD and a frequent visitor to Slimbridge Dowsers