Slimbridge Dowsing


AGM 2017

We had an excellent turnout this year – 26 souls, thanks to all those who came or sent their apologies. As promised, it was an important meeting and your votes were necessary.

Accordingly, the membership has voted to return to Slimbridge Village Hall as our venue in future and, since the Committee decided to have only one meeting a month instead of two, to continue with Saturday morning meetings, not Thursday afternoons. This was a close-run thing, with 11 members in favour of Thursdays, 14 for Saturdays, one abstention.

As we could miss at least two Saturdays due to Bank Holidays, Barry Goldring suggested we meet on the second Saturday of the month, not the fourth, in future. Thank you, Barry. Lateral thinking!

Slimbridge Village Hall (SVH)

In accordance with the majority’s wishes, Barbara Davis has contacted the SVH, and a few of our Committee members will visit the hall to inspect the recent improvements made there.

The bad news is that they are fully booked all day on Thursdays throughout 2018, so we will continue at Kingshill House during 2018. Moving to SVH in 2019 is the most likely outcome, but is subject to confirmation.

Key roles for next year

As you know, I have retired as Chairman but will continue to do the Newsletter for another year. This means we will need to appoint a new Newsletter Editor and Publicity person at the AGM in November 2018.

Likewise, Barbara Davis will be retiring as Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary at that AGM. Barbara has filled these roles almost from the founding of our Group, and modestly says the duties are not onerous. She also points out that it is easier to be the Treasurer and the Membership Secretary combined, since information about who has and hasn’t paid is needed for both jobs. Please give these vacancies your consideration.

Kingshill House (KHH)

As we need to continue for another year at KHH, we hope to have the Littleford Room on Thursdays and probably the Bar on Saturdays. Please help with chairs and tables, it’s too much for just one person. Thank you.

Dates for 2018

In view of all these changes, 2018 is a mix of the two! Because I had booked most of 2018’s speakers before the decision was made to have one meeting a month not two, we will continue to have both Thursday and Saturday meetings throughout 2018, so please note days and dates carefully. You have been warned!

Second Soul Resonance Workshop – 17th March 2018

Great news for all those on the waiting list for a second Soul Resonance Workshop with Mark Herbert. Due to popular demand, Mark has booked Kingshill House, Dursley for Saturday, 17th March 2018. There is a waiting list of folks who missed out on the first workshop – so please book early to avoid disappointment!

To book this workshop, please contact Mark Herbert DIRECT: www.midsummersearth

Programme for 2019

It’s never too early to start booking speakers, and although 2018 is now fully booked, we will need speakers for the future. No one has actually taken on this role, although Andrew Pegg has been pro-active and already invited a speaker for 2019.

Consequently, this can easily be a team effort. If you hear a good speaker elsewhere, or read a book by an author appropriate for us, please do suggest it.

Obviously we need someone to coordinate the dates – volunteers please contact the Chairman – but all ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Welcome to our New Chairman

We are delighted to welcome Paul Syrett as our new Chairman. Paul is a remarkable person, as I said at the AGM, more “us” than we are ourselves! I booked him for two talks the first time I met him, long before we realised he would make an excellent Chairman. Paul writes:

I am delighted to write this as the newly elected Chair of Slimbridge Dowsing Group.

Dowsing for me now is a daily tool which helps me on so many levels whilst I pursue my new path as a Healer, Life Coach and Geomancer. It was not always like this though!

My background for the previous 30 years was in Technology and change management programmes across larger organisations including BT, WorldCom, and Network Rail until two sudden catastrophic health issues in 2008/2009 stopped that career in its tracks. On reflection my life was already shifting radically and these were but two of the warning signs.

It wasn’t until 2014 however when things really started to spiral, following a visit to a Crystal Healer and we had the house cleared of Spirits. When, weeks later, a vicar turned up to recite a conversation that I had had with someone else two days before, over 100 miles away and hadn’t told anyone about, I clearly knew that the world I had grown up in wasn’t the true world around me. To put it mildly, it pushed me, my thought patterns, beliefs, knowledge and understanding of the wider world.

Little did I know this new world had actually started to shift in 2003 when I had bought my house, and was now learning was sited on ‘Sacred Land’ and the site of an ancient druidic stone circle.

My dowsing ability started with similar amazement! I was up a 20ft ladder taking a straight line with a 13 ft plumb line and I thought, ‘I wonder what would happen if I ask for ‘Yes’. I don’t think I have ever been so surprised when it moved. Since then even my kids say ‘Dad you’re dowsing again’ when they see the shopping bag move in strange patterns.

So now that path has changed again with you asking me to be Chair. I look forward to where these new steps take us all in this incredible world of ours.

Welcome to the returning Committee Members

Sincere thanks to the returning Committee Members. I’m delighted to point out that Elaine Clements and Andrew Pegg have agreed to become Co-Chair between them. We are also pleased that Jane Willoughby, our Librarian and guardian of the Jim Greatrix Library, and Rob Gerrish, who posts SDG details on the BSD website and Facebook, have accepted our invitation to become Committee Members.

Special Interest Groups

At the AGM, Peter Golding suggested we should consider running Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for each of the various aspects of dowsing, as does the BSD – water divining, health, Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress. (We already have a SIG for archaeological dowsing.) Peter also offered free tuition to all members and guests, please ask. He specialises in water divining, health & wellbeing, and removal of Geopathic Stress.

Quite unprompted, Andrew Pegg agreed with Peter and kindly offered to become SIG Co-ordinator. Thank you, Andrew.

Membership and fees

We are pleased to confirm that Membership Fees of £10 per year (now due!) will remain the same, as will entrance fees at £3 for members and £4 for guests and non-members.

We now have 52 members, and are in robust financial health, so Barbara, our Treasurer, suggested that we no longer ask for 50p donations for tea, coffee and biscuits. They are now included in the entry fee.

Trish Mills