Slimbridge Dowsing


The Jim Geatrix Library

We are proud to have our very own Jim Greatrix Library, in memory of Jim who generously donated the funds for us to buy our lovely oak cupboard and to get started with some wonderful books. You can browse the list on our website –

Some of those books include two by our founder and now President, Peter Golding who, despite mobility problems, continues his work as a water diviner. (Volunteers to assist welcome).

Experiences of an Old Dowser tells us how he discovered dowsing, plus several Appendices with useful detail as to how to do it yourself (£10).

Peter’s Dowsing For Water takes you from being a complete beginner to being able to oversee drilling on site, with great diagrams by Helen Gee and photos for every stage of the process (£30).

Our two famous Rabbit books – This Rabbit is Constipated and It’s Around Here Somewhere, containing reports of our meetings over the last 10 years, have now almost sold out, with just two of each left. All proceeds from these two books went to SDG.

It has been my privilege to publish books for several renowned authors, and the one that has been the most life-changing, for me and for those who have read it, is The Interconnectedness of All Things by John Gibson- Forty (£20). It has brought about an acceptance that sound can heal, not just the sick, but the land, trees, leys, etc., and has inspired many people and offshoots.

More recently, three books by Paul Daw report on his dowsing surveys of almost all the stone circles and henges in England.

The author has kindly said proceeds from any books sold to SDG members (£15 each) should be donated to SDG funds.

All these books – and many more – are available for loan from our library, free of charge, or you can order direct from the authors, or via me, Trish Mills. (Or Amazon as a last resort!)

SDG moves its meetings to Kingshill House

From Saturday 25th March, our meetings will be held at Kingshill House, Dursley.

One of the many nice things about Kingshill House is its versatility. They have several rooms available, and although at the time of writing, we will usually be in the Bar room on the ground floor, when we have a Workshop, we will be able to use the Art room upstairs, which has tables and chairs more suited to a Workshop dynamic.

With the Chi Gong event on Saturday 24th June, (a bit like yoga or martial arts), we will be using the Eyre room downstairs, which has oodles of space for swinging your arms, or a cat, as necessary.

An added bonus is that there is a well-equipped kitchen and, bliss oh joy, a dishwasher too. So Ann Jones, our indispensable Tea Lady, will be able to join us at meetings as they begin, instead of after washing up and spring cleaning the kitchen.

Speaking of which, tea, coffee and biscuits will continue to be available, but we would ask for a 50p donation if you partake. This is because the room hire costs £30 per session, as opposed to £20 at Slimbridge, and although our increased numbers will adequately cover that, just 20 donations of 50p will cover it too. Entrance fees will remain the same, if for no better reason than we cannot increase them without asking you to vote in any increase at the AGM.

Finally, our popular Saturday post-meeting lunches will continue, but in future we will be at the Old Spot, May Lane, 2 Hill Rd, Dursley GL11 4JQ. They have a small private room that will seat about 15 people, so that is booked for our future use. It’s easy to find – turn right out of Kingshill House, then immediately left out of Kingshill Lane; continue down to Dursley and at the mini-roundabout, turn right. Pass the hideous modern library, then the bus station, follow the road round to the right, and the Old Spot is on your right. There is a car park opposite, on your left.

If that car park is full, retrace your steps and go straight across the mini-roundabout to the swimming pool and Sainsbury’s car parks. We can stay there for three hours, so you can have a swim and do the weekly shop afterwards as well. Good food and great conversation. See you there! MAP

Trish Mills