Slimbridge Dowsing


Our President Retires

Our founder and President, Peter Golding, has regretfully had to hang up his dowsing rods due to failing health. He remains in good spirits, and is open to e-mails and visitors. He also remains one of the foremost dowsers in the country today, but unfortunately water divining can mean walking considerable distances over undulating terrain. So Peter is having to retire from field dowsing, but he remains interested in SDG Ė his baby Ė and in our progress.

Our Chairman Retires

Itís unfortunate timing but with effect from the AGM in November, I am retiring as Chairman, partly due to my move to Wiltshire in September. However, you donít get rid of me that easily, I will continue as a member, and will be coming to meetings when I can. I am willing to continue as Newsletter Editor for another year if you would like me to, mainly because I have booked the speakers for 2018, have their contact details, and have set up a rapport with them. We have some great speakers booked Ė see centrefold.

Our Vice Chairman Resigns

Steve Sanderson has resigned to spend more time with his family.

Changes Afoot

In view of all these changes, we are seeking nominees for election to the posts of Chairman and Vice Chairman. We will also be seeking volunteers to take on some of the other things I did in addition to Chairman, details overleaf.

Thursdays or Saturdays?

Again in view of all these changes, the Committee has decided the time is right for us to meet once a month instead of twice. Finding 20 speakers a year was quite a task, most other dowsing groups meet only once a month, and some every two months! So at the forthcoming AGM, members will be invited to discuss and then vote as to whether they wish to have their monthly meetings on a Thursday afternoon or a Saturday morning in future. (2018 mixes both!)

AGM Ė Thursday 9th November

Consequently your attendance at the forthcoming AGM is even more important than ever. You will be asked to vote on the Saturday/ Thursday Meeting issue as above, and to elect new officers. So please think about offering your services and please put this date in your diary now and make every effort to be there.

New Officers Needed 2018

Elaine Clements has kindly agreed to step in as acting Vice Chairman until the AGM. She may even be persuaded to stand for election at the AGM. Your SDG needs you! Nominations welcome. Please give this serious consideration. If you are willing to stand, please let Trish or Barbara know. We do not need to elect a new President Ė that is an honorary title, and Peter Golding is irreplaceable!

Sharing Hats

Because I did quite a lot of jobs wearing different hats, the Committee has decided to break down the workload into bite-sized chunks. You donít need to be a brilliant dowser for any of it, it is more administrative than dowsing-orientated, although obviously some ability and an interest in dowsing is highly desirable.


In future, our Chairman will be a figurehead, someone to meet and greet speakers, introduce them before a talk, and to thank them afterwards. And to keep an eye on us.

Newsletter Editor

As stated on the front page, I have agreed to continue as Newsletter Editor for 2018, but we will need to elect a member to fill this role for 2019. Please give this some thought. I had an unfair advantage in that I had my Apple Mac and publishing software, but this should not be a deterrent because PCs and Word have excellent newsletter templates these days.

Someone to book future speakers

Iíve booked 20+ speakers and local dowsing trips per year for the last 3.5 years, thatís over 60 of them! So finding 10 speakers for 2019 will be a doddle! Some 7Ė10 days before a talk, I usually e-mail the speaker to check they are still coming, and to ask if they need our projector, screen and/or flipchart. If you could store the projector and bring it along to meetings that would be good. Also someone to do a write-up afterwards for the local Gazette and our website would cover all bases. I havenít done write-ups for this year Ė sorry!

Round Robin e-mail sender

I always tried to keep you informed and reminded about forthcoming meetings, so we need someone with minimal IT skills to continue this service. Good communicators welcome.

New Officers Needed 2019

Barbara Davis, our very capable Treasurer, Club Secretary and Membership Secretary has agreed to continue for another year, but will be retiring at the AGM in 2018, so we have a yearís notice. Barbara has been in post almost since SDG began, and will be sorely missed, but please think about whether you could take this on. Barbara would be happy to mentor her replacement for a few months, if needed, to demonstrate our systems and how we work. Again, this job could be divided into two or three jobs.

Trish Mills