Slimbridge Dowsing


Chairman's Report

Wow – Lisa, our first guest speaker of the year and we run out of chairs, have more questions that we can accommodate and several spin off opportunities for more conversation and discussions that we can throw a dowsing rod at!!!

I knew it would be an interesting discussion but didn’t appreciate how it could expand like it did. And that’s one of the key things at this time of change around us. Having those conversations together and seeing where they can lead.

With that in mind I and Jacki went to Bristol Dowsers on the 15th Feb because they were having their own conversation. It was a really interesting evening literally all talking and sharing our experiences with consciousness and it certainly is something I think we should do one evening in the near future.

The conversation opened another door to go to Somerset Dowsers on the following Sunday as they were having a workshop on Dowsing with various speakers spanning a number of subjects from Protection through to Mindfulness. Again this spurned further ideas that this is an area we could also explore in the months ahead if you are interested?

But it shows you how the conversation can lead, the synchronicities it creates, the contacts that we can make which brings us back to the conversation that Lisa held in her talk. It’s an interesting circle isn’t it.

So we have the years programme ahead, let’s all try and bring someone new to the group and spread the information about our talks and let’s see what conversations it then starts – and how many extra chairs we need to get – or is it a new venue with no need of a lift!

Change of venue

We will be moving our monthly venue to Whitminster Village Hall from the May meeting onwards. Unfortunately no dogs are allowed in the hall.

The complete address is:
The Whitminster Village Hall, School Lane, Whitminster, GL2 7. Gloucester.

Don’t forget the times – 9:45am onwards if you want to practice dowsing or have conversations to start. We have yet to find a meeting place for a bite to eat after the meeting, a new topic to discuss after forthcoming meetings. There are 4 choices available nearby.

AHelping Hand Still Required

We have Special Interest Groups for Archaeological, Earth Energies, Health and Water dowsing. Barry Goldring continues to run the Archaeological Group, but we need leaders for the others. Please contact a committee member if you’re intereste.

Sad News

It is with sadness that that we bring you the news that Trish Mills partner, Andy Burns has just passed away. Many will remember Andy ably supporting Trish through her time as chair of the dowsing group and stepping in to help where required, like the front desk collecting fees when Barbara wasn’t available. We would like to pass on our condolences to Trish at this time.