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What? No more rabbits? Trish Mills

In case you’ve missed our regular reports on talks and speakers at Slimbridge Dowsing Group (SDG) in 2016, here is a final one to explain why they have ceased, and to finish with a bang not a whimper.

We are blessed in the dowsing fraternity, we have so many enthusiastic speakers who have been researching all manner of things, often writing a book on their chosen subject.

It’s been my pleasant task to fill these vacancies for the last three years, and I have found some gems during that time. Some of these speakers have been brilliant; most are very good; a few have been a bit of a disappointment, and one was so bad it was positively embarrassing. I still cringe at the memory, but our members are lovely people, and several sympathetically suggested the lady in question might well have been borderline Alzheimers.

If you want more detail, there are more in-depth write-ups for most of our speakers on this website. The archive begins with a piece on George Applegate dated 22nd September 2007, and continues right up to February 2016. After that a couple of the talks didn’t lend themselves to being written up, and the freedom of not doing it went to my head. So I have stopped doing the write ups, but we carried on having some wonderful speakers.

By the way, most of these write-ups appear in our two Rabbit books – This Rabbit is Constipated and It’s Around Here Somewhere. It takes five years to fill a book, with photographs included, so that’s ten years’ worth. There are only a few copies left but you can order them from the BSD shop.

Patrick MacManaway
A household name, certainly amongst dowsers. When Patrick first came to SDG in 2010, he spoke about Earth Energies, Geopathic Stress and Agriculture. We have booked him again for 2017 and the title of his talk will be ‘Dragons, Elementals and Nature Spirits – how love and communication can bring fertility and abundance to the Living Landscape’.Peter Golding and Patrick Macmanaway President and former Chairman Peter Golding in conversation with Patrick MacManaway

Mandy Bennet
Mandy is Chairman of Somerset Dowsers and one of the most versatile dowsers I know. She came to us this year to talk about ‘Dowsing to Heal Homes and Land’. A confident and highly competent speaker, she went down so well with our members, I’ve booked her to come back in 2017 to talk about Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Health.

Graeme Green
Graeme came to SDG in 2016 to talk about dragons: ‘Here Be Dragons: the Dragon in Myth, Folklore and Magic. He is an excellent speaker, and had us in the palm of his hand from the moment he opened his mouth. He is also a Reiki Practitioner, Drum Master, and horse and animal whisperer using the rhythm of the drum. The day he came to us he was a people whisperer too, and got us all drumming. Everyone loved it.Graeme Green Graeme Green

Susan Hale and Ian Woodcock
A highly talented and musical couple, author Susan and husband Ian have been singing the lines of John Gibson-Forty’s Decagon, created by the chanting of the ancient Perpetual Choirs for the ongoing enchantment of Britain. They give a wonderful talk and demonstration of how chanting and singing can significantly increase the width of earth energy lines. Remarkable in their own right, and keeping John’s book, The Intrconnectedness of All Things alive.

Karen French
Karen is very professional as an author and businesswoman. She talks about Sacred Geometry at various levels, and includes symbology too. A stimulating speaker.

Steve Dawson
Steve Dawson first came to us in 2015 to talk about the Hartmann and Curry Lines. He really has this subject sewn up, it was fascinating. In the vote of thanks afterwards I promptly invited him to come back in 2016, which he did, and led us in a workshop finding our own H&C lines over the road at Slimbridge church. Steve and his knowledgeable wife Anne have made the subject their own.

Steve Hawker
Steve hails from the Dorset Earth Mysteries Group and cast light on the mysteries surrounding the construction of sites in Egypt, Leedskalnin and the Coral Castle in Florida, mining granite, crystal skulls, and Brown’s Gas. Very lively and knowledgeable; popular and well received.

Karen Teague 07551 361494
Karen Teague is a Medium; I met her when I was asked to publish her book, Creating a Path . . . Leaving a Trail. Part of my fee was a reading with her and I was so impressed I invited her along to SDG for a session. She knocked our socks off. Highly recommended. Based in Cheltenham, might not be keen to travel too far afield.Karen Teague Karen Teague

Celia Gunn
Celia Gunn is definitely not a one-trick pony! She first came to us in October 2014 for a talk titled ‘From Sinixt to Somerset’, about her extraordinary years as an honorary member of the Indian Sinixt tribe in Canada. She was sent to help fight for their lands and their very existence, having been declared extinct by the Canadian government. In March 2015 she gave us a talk about her Chakra Garden, a magnificent one-woman achievement, and we went to visit this sacred, flowing space in April 2016. Later we invited her back yet again to talk about ‘Finding Your Totem Animal’. Celia always brings her husband Anthony and their beloved Saluki dogs, all of whom are very well behaved!Celia Gunn Celia Gunn

Bea Martin & David Johnson the Bards of Avalon
Bea and David are musically talented and fascinating to listen to.They came to us in April 2016 to talk about ‘Bornholm Island, Knights Templar & Sacred Geometry’. They brought along their Tibetan singing bowls and are coming back in 2017 to share more about their travels and especially the bowls. Captivating, intriguing and inspiring.

Linda Prenter
For our October 2016 meeting, the title of Linda’s first-ever world premiere talk frankly sounded a bit dull – ‘Dowsing for Water and Services’. But she was a star! It is popularly thought dowsing for water is a male preserve, but Linda is equal to them, interesting, spiritual and even fun in places. Mentored by George Applegate and our very own Peter Golding, she has made the subject her own.

Peter Knight, another household name, is an author and speaker of some repute, organiser of the annual Convention on Earth Energies and Alternative Archaeology in Pewsey. He has been to us several times: ‘Will the Real Cerne Abbas Giant Please Stand Up’; ‘Stolen Images: Pagan Symbolism in Church Architecture’; and we look forward to Peter’s new talk and book in 2017, ‘Dartmoor Mindscapes – Revisioning the Sacred Landscape’. Peter has also led us on informative private tours of Avebury and West Kennet Longbarrow. Very knowledgeable, with a great sense of humour.

Maria Wheatley
Another well known speaker and author, Maria pops up everywhere, and never needs any notes or prompting, a rare speaker who lives her subject. We had her in 2010 ‘Rediscovering Avebury Henge’ and ‘Avebury Stone Circle’; ‘Divining Ancient Sites’ in 2014. Partner Busty does the photography, including aerial shots.

Caroline Sheldrick, MNIMH
Caroline is a most interesting medical herbalist, discovered by one of our members when he became her patient. Sadly I missed her talk, but have had several requests for another visit, so Caroline returns in October 2017. Very well received.

Gary Biltcliffe & Caroline Hoare
If you haven’t yet heard Gary & Caroline’s talk on the Belinus Line, it’s time you did. Gary came to us in 2014 to publicise his excellent book, someone else who lives his subject. Fascinating stuff, it gives a whole new perspective on leys. And on dowsing.

Adrian Incledon-Webber
Adrian is a professional practitioner, tutor and author of the book Heal Your Home, now a classic. He specialises in Geopathic Stress and healing homes and people. He spoke at SDG in June 2014 and we learned a lot. I have a full complement of speakers booked for 2017, but I have not yet heard them speak, so can’t quite recommend them yet. The fact that I’ve booked them tells you I’m already convinced.

Mark Herbert and
Mark gave this talk, ‘Templars, Earth Energies, Astronomical Links and Reincarnation’ at the Pagan Moot in Oxford last year, and I’ve booked him for SDG in 2017. A lot of his material came to Mark after moving into a new home that turned out to have been built on an early Templar site. So he has lived his story.

Christopher Strong
Christopher and his late wife, Veronika, first came to us in 2008, when he spoke about dowsing for lost objects, pets and people. He has a new book out, Autobiography of a Sceptical Dowser: Practising Intuition in Every Aspect of Living compiled and edited by Nigel Twinn, and will be coming to talk to us about it in October 2017.

Andrew Gough;
Andrew’s talk is titled ‘The Hidden Hive of History’ and he is big on honeybees. He is a researcher, writer, editor of the Heretic magazine, TV presenter (Channel 5, History, Discovery, National Geographic, Yesterday) and an enthusiast of ancient lands, mysteries and traditions. He includes Atlantis, Sumerian reliefs, biblical patriarchs, the Labyrinth of Knossos, the Sphinx, goddess worship, and the grail.

Sonia Ducie Dip.CSN.AIN 07899 993788. www.NumerologyWorld.Org
Sonia is a professional and experienced Esoteric Numerologist. She is a teacher, journalist and author, and says Esoteric Numerology (EN) helps us to develop intuition and contact the soul so that we can gain crystal clear vision by recognizing truth. EN explores the deeper energy patterns beneath the surface and aligns us to our highest positive potential. It is applied to dates of birth, names, words and sounds, and also to general dates.

Elizabeth Poraj-Wilczynska
Elizabeth first came to us – or more accurately, we went to her – in June 2008 when she led us in dowsing Crickley Hill. We have booked her twice for 2017 – in May for a Prestbury Ghost Walk near Cheltenham, and in September when she will lead us on a tour of Belas Knap. I saw her interviewed on TV at Belas Knap recently – a very knowledgeable lady.

And finally, in case you are wondering why I am oh-so-modestly not recommending myself as a speaker, the reason is – I am trying to retire! I have thoroughly enjoyed giving my own talks – ‘The Interconnectedness of All Things (by John Gibson-Forty) and the Perpetual Choirs’; ‘Sacred Geometry Made Simple’; and ‘From Atlantis to Orion’s Belt’. I’ve had a wonderful time and met some really lovely, friendly people. I can’t decide which is the more rewarding – being the speaker or being in the audience to listen to them. I know which is the most stressful! I would like to end by saying – with all humility – that people often ask to what do I attribute the astonishing success of Slimbridge Dowsing Group. My first answer is usually that you need great speakers in order to bring in the crowds. But on reflection, apart from a decent newsletter and some publicity, what really makes us great is our wonderful members. Many of our speakers say to me afterwards, “What a lovely Group!” and “Your members are a wonderful audience.”

They truly are a lovely bunch of individuals, and thanks to Peter Golding, our founder, long-term Chairman, mentor and teacher, currently our President, we are all pretty dowsing-savvy. Without them, Slimbridge Dowsing Group would not exist.

I hope passing on the names and contact details of these very special speakers will help your Group and your members to grow as we have grown.Peter Golding and Patrick Macmanaway Trish Mills had a good turnout for her talk on 'Sacred Geometry Made Simple'