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From Atlantis to Orion's Belt' - Trish Mills

‘From Atlantis to Orion’s Belt’ is a lot of ground to cover in an hour’s talk, from the deepest depths to the highest heights. The gist of it was though, that almost all the astronomically-aligned megaliths built by stone-age man, including pyramids, monuments, henges, mounds, rock chambers, and stone circles such as Avebury, Stonehenge, and Newgrange in Ireland, were built for the purpose of increasing crop yield.

After considerable reading and research, our speaker, Trish Mills, suggested that stone-age man had deliberately built these edifices in places with underlying geology and streams that caused electrical current to build up in the area. Seed exposed to this electrical field germinated more quickly, was less affected by extremes of climate, and had as much as 300% higher yield.

Trish showed photographs of Newgrange in Ireland, referred to as a burial mound, but without any bodies! Astronomically aligned to allow the Winter Solstice sun on 21st December to enter through the lightbox and light up the 60ft passage, three spirals carved on the back wall of the central chamber would be illuminated for some seventeen minutes each year. “These spirals were obviously very important,” said Trish. “And how else would you draw electricity?”

The energy inside was extremely powerful, enough to send dowsing rods into overdrive, and to make a lot of visitors feel extremely queasy.

Quoting various authors and experts on the subject, Trish suggested these spirals symbolized the precious electrical fields that were so important for increased crop yield. She also reminded us that in the word ‘pyramids’, ‘pyre’ means ‘fire’ and ‘mids’ obviously means ‘midst’ - fire in the middle. Was this a reference to this electrical field too?

Wanting to test this for herself, our speaker visited Avebury with a gardening friend and left seeds exposed there for just a couple of hours before planting in the friend’s greenhouse and garden. As a control, they also planted seeds that had not been to Avebury.

Remarkably, the exposed seeds germinated much sooner than the non-exposed seeds, were more resilient to the cold conditions of this year’s spring, and suffered less blackfly. “Maybe we should all be doing this?” suggested Trish. “It has to be better than genetically modified crops!”

Our next meeting will be a field trip to St Augustine’s Farm in Arlingham on Saturday 28th September, all welcome.

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