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A gold mine of information, documenting dowsing as we know it today, its many uses, applications, and associated topics. Written with a light touch and a sprinkling of humour, you will learn while being entertained.

A unique collection of reports of meetings held by Slimbridge Dowsing Group (SDG), one of the most active groups in the country, and published in the local Gazette over the last five years.

When renowned animal healer Ann Lodygowski visited Slimbridge Dowsing Group in August 2010, members brought along a ‘witness’ – a piece of fur, feather, hair or mane – for Ann to dowse and see if their pets were healthy and happy.

On dowsing a piece of Flora’s fur, Ann quickly divined the poor thing was having problems with its teeth, and announced in ringing tones, ‘This rabbit is constipated!’ The title for our book was born.

Slimbridge Dowsing Group, affectionately known as SDG, started life in 2003 and became official in November 2006. Since then we have had many meetings and some excellent speakers, including Ann Lodygowski, George Applegate, Peter Golding, Joey Korn, white witch Toni Hunt, Ced Jackson, John Gibson-Forty, Aaron Bray, Dr Patrick Mac-Manaway, Dr Helen Ford, Jan van der Elsen and many others.

Our local Gazette has been extremely good to us and printed our regular reports, which in turn has caused our membership numbers to swell.

So we take great pleasure in presenting herewith a collection of the reports from the Gazette, written with a light touch and a sprinkling of humour, with a few extras for good measure.

From auras to water divining, archaeological dowsing to health and healing, earth energies and even how to do it, you’ll learn while being entertained.

events at Slimbridge

This Rabbit is Constipated

With a charming illustration by local artist Helen Gee on the cover, This Rabbit is Constipated has 180 pages, 39,000 words, and 8 pages of colour photographs.

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