Slimbridge Dowsing Group

SLIMBRIDGE DOWSING GROUP - a forum for dowsers throughout Gloucestershire

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein. 1879-1955

The Slimbridge Dowsing Group

in Gloucestershire was formed by Peter Golding in 2003 in response to requests following a talk given to the Local History Society on the discovery, by dowsing, of an ancient labyrinth in the village. The formal Inaugural Meeting was held on 23 November 2006.

Slimbridge dowsers

Join us and discover:

The ancient skill of Water Divining; how to locate unseen underground archaeological features; how to diagnose and relieve health problems in people and animals.

We welcome enthusiasts and beginners from throughout the county and beyond at our fortnightly practical sessions held at the Slimbridge Village Hall, opposite the Church, (Other venues if sufficient support.)

Slimbridge Dowsing Group

is affiliated with The British Society of Dowsers.

Water Divining Workshops

The quintessential dowser is one who can find water.
The course includes:

  1. Confirming your dowsing ability, and teaching any beginners;
  2. Interpreting geological maps and the properties of rocks;
  3. Identifying areas where groundwater is likely and most unlikely to be found;
  4. Peter’s remarkable technique of improving your success rate in finding the location of groundwater;
  5. Using counting methods and the Bishop’s and Creyke’s Rules to predict depth and flow rate;
  6. Visits to sites where successful boreholes have been drilled on Peter’s dowsing mark;
  7. The opportunity to be selected to accompany him on visits to clients, and gain experience towards a Professional qualification.

Contact Peter direct on 01453 890316 or e-mail


Meetings are open to everyone, novices, members and non-members alike. Members £2; Non-members £3. Second Thursdays 1:45pm for 2:30pm. Fourth Saturdays 10:00am for 11:00am. For a full listing select 'Events' from the menu. Click HERE for a simple map showing where we meet.


Contact Slimbridge Dowsing Group

Trish Mills (Chair) Email:
Tel: 01453 545855 / 07513 437114

Dowsing Services

To discuss your requirements, obtain a provisional quotation for water divining or other dowsing services, contact Peter Golding
phone/fax (+44) 01453 890316
or visit Peter's website

Dowsing for Health & Healing and clearing Geopathic Stress workshops

The course includes:

  1. Confirming your dowsing ability, and teaching any beginners;
  2. Protection from any detrimental influences;
  3. Dowsing the Aura;
  4. Discussion on Allergies and Intolerances;
  5. Testing for Geopathic Stress in the home, and how to convert these energies to benign or beneficial;
  6. Remote Spiritual Healing to any part of the world with aid of a photograph;
  7. Peter’s method of dowsing and clearing sources of malfunction or discomfort;
  8. Applying spiritual healing and confirming that the person has improved.

Contact Peter direct on 01453 890316 or e-mail


Congratulations to our new President, Peter Golding, who has been ‘kicked upstairs’ and retired as Chairman.

Welcome to our new Chair, Diane Holliday, who is a very capable lady with lots of appropriate qualifications, who will follow in Peter’s footsteps, and no doubt create a few of her own.

An extra warm welcome to Maureen Jagucki, who was on the Committee already, but has nobly taken on the task of Secretary. We are delighted (and relieved) to have a replacement for Barbara Davis and must thank her for her five years in this role, and dedication to duty. Barbara continues as Membership Secretary.

Also welcome to Brian Bailey, who has kindly stepped in to assist Di who will continue as Treasurer for the time being. Brian will be taking the money on the door, which frees up Di for other duties.

Thanks are also due to Patrick Callaghan, our resident photographer, who doesn’t want to be on the Committee but has kindly agreed to unlock the hall on Saturdays and set out chairs and tables.

And many thanks yet again to Ann Jones, our indispensable, loyal and irreplaceable Refreshments Co-ordinator (treasured tea lady to you and me!) who has kindly agreed to do it on Thursdays.

And sincere thanks to those who remain with us from previous years: Jon Martin as Vice-Chairman, Barry Goldring as Field Events Co-ordinator, and Trish Mills as Publicity and Newsletter. Continuity is important.

Peter Golding

Acting Chair
Trish Mills

Jon Martin

Barbara Davis

Barbara Davis

Field Events Co-ordinator
Barry Goldring

Trish Mills

Ann Jones

Committee Member
Elaine Clements

Committee & Key Holder
Steve Sanderson