Slimbridge Dowsing Group

SLIMBRIDGE DOWSING GROUP - a forum for dowsers throughout Gloucestershire

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein. 1879-1955

The Slimbridge Dowsing Group

in Gloucestershire was formed by Peter Golding in 2003 in response to requests following a talk given to the Local History Society on the discovery, by dowsing, of an ancient labyrinth in the village. The formal Inaugural Meeting was held on 23 November 2006.

Slimbridge dowsers

Join us and discover:

The ancient skill of Water Divining; how to locate unseen underground archaeological features; how to diagnose and relieve health problems in people and animals.

We welcome enthusiasts and beginners from throughout the county and beyond at our fortnightly practical sessions.

Learning to Dowse
Almost anyone and everyone can dowse. We offer training and coaching after our Saturday meetings, or come along on the field trips and have fun learning on the job.


Regular meetings
We have two meetings a month – the second Thursday afternoon and the fourth Saturday morning of the month.

We take a pride in the quality of our speakers at our meetings, who cover a variety of subjects including history, archaeology, leys and energy lines, health, water divining - you name it.

A few of our members are also available to give talks to other groups on occasions. Please enquire.

Times, events and subscriptions
Second Thursdays 1:45pm for 2:30pm.
Fourth Saturdays 9:45am for 10:30am.
Please check our events by selecting 'Events' from the menu. Note, some Saturdays we go on field trips.

Members £3; Non-members £4.
50p donation for tea or coffee and biscuits please


Meetings are held at Kinghill House, Kingshill Lane, Dursley, GL11 4BZ. MAP

Special Interest Groups
In addition to our usual meetings, we have two other sections - the Archaeological Section which meets quarterly and enjoys a variety of field trips to interesting sites, and the Health & Wellbeing Section which meets once a month, after our usual Thursday meetings.

Also in Print
We have become known locally thanks to reports of our regular meetings, kindly published by the Gazette, the Stroud News & Journal, and on occasions, the Gloucestershire Echo. These reports have been published in two books, the first titled ‘This Rabbit is Constipated’ and the second, ’It’s Around Here Somewhere!’ which will be available in December.

The Jim Greatrix Library
Librarian - Jane Willoughby
We hold a wide selection of books which are free to borrow. Just sign the book of your choice in and out, with a date, on the relevant form, filed under book title in the pink folder. To see our full library select Library on the menu or to view a downloadable excel file click HERE for the list of books available.

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