Slimbridge Dowsing


Archaeological Dowsing trips

On 25 May we had an SDG visit to John's Chapel Wood site near Alveston to investigate the earth energies there. It was a lovely day – blue skies, butterflies and wild garlic. We found a number of toroidal (i.e. doughnut-shaped) energies, a lot of small water domes, three spiral vortices, two leys, and investigated one of the five-pointed stars that Ros found on a previous visit. Also, Patrick and Steve learned a new dowsing skill. Bit of a disappointment that there were only five of us.

Newgrange Ireland We had an audience of interested cows when marking out our findings at Anita’s farm. (Photo Peter Gibson)

On 4 June, five of us gathered at Anita's farm near Swindon for another day of archaeological dowsing. There were some anomalies in the previous results, and we spent much of the day sorting them out; but also managed to find indications of some more buildings and locate the stream and fish pond. The sun was out, the meadows carpeted with buttercups, and we had a splendid day.

Newgrange Ireland Barry Goldring and John Wilson-Smith compare notes at Chapel Wood near Alveston. (Photo Patrick Callaghan)

Newgrange Ireland Frank Archer marking a water dome at Chapel Wood. (Photo Barry Goldring)

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