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Trance Healing - Helen Jameson, Saturday 28th January

There was a great turnout for our first Saturday meeting of the year on 28th January: 21 regulars, 2 new members and 7 visitors, 30 in all. We had come along to hear Helen Jameson talk about trance healing.

Helen was very matter of fact about it. “Trance healing is simply tuning in to a continuum of energy, rather like tuning in to your favourite radio station,” she said.The clever bit though is tuning in to the right level of energy. “I think of going into trance as advanced day dreaming,” continued Helen, “but the healing itself is dictated by the condition of the patient.”

Helen went on to report various patients who had come for healing for one specific problem, such as poor eyesight bordering on blindness, and finding not only that condition cured, but relief from a completely different health issue as well!

“Healing energy is extraordinary!” said Helen. “When you consider all it has to do: a rapid check of the entire body, investigate the mental, physical and emotional state, plus the energy levels, and how they respond. Then decide how it can help, what to do, then apply the healing.” Even a state-of-the-art computer could not figure out all that as quickly.

Healing works according to the condition treated, for example, tumours may disintegrate and leave the body through a tummy upset. The energy continues to work for at least a fortnight.

Peter Golding Helen Jameson during her presentation

A third of Helen’s clients don’t see any obvious improvement, there are no guarantees, but Helen invited an ailing volunteer from the audience to come forwards for a healing sitting.

We could feel a definite change in the energy in the room. It went quite cold for a while, and afterwards the patient said all her shoulder pain had gone. Two members of the audience also claimed to feel major improvements in their shoulder pain and mobility afterwards. A later claim came from a very sceptical visitor with chronic pain down her left side – which had ‘just disappeared’.

Afterwards we repaired to the Tudor Arms for lunch, a new venture for us as a group. It was a great success and we plan to do it after each Saturday meeting in future, usually the fourth in the month.

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