Slimbridge Dowsing group


A winter round up - the experience from within

Our economy drive has paid off, and our funds are recuperating nicely. Interestingly, cutting back on expensive outside speakers for a few months has led us to discover a rich seam of dowsing wisdom, expertise and experience within our own ranks, and we have enjoyed some of our best meetings so far!

In January the ‘Forum on Dowsing Questioning Skills’, run by our three wise men, brought as much wisdom from the audience as from the top table.

Jon Martin’s talk on ‘Earth Energies’, also in January, was extremely well received, and members found it encouraging that Jon has progressed so far in just a couple of years. If he can do it, maybe we can too?

Feedback from the ‘Quantum Field Healing Technique’ in February is that it definitely works! One member focused on a worrying lump on his hand, and two days later it had disappeared. Several others reported likewise.

The ‘Dowsers Training Workshop’ at the end of February was well attended. Ann Jones led a group of ladies dowsing for water pipes and electrical wires, and they were glowing with success at having found them..

One of the highlights, however, was the ‘Members’ Dowsing Experiences’ in March. One lady talked about her visit to Newgrange, the 5,000-year-old passage tomb in Ireland, where she dowsed and found some extremely strong energy spirals. Other members revealed how they had discovered dowsing in the first place, and described the dowsing successes or disasters that followed.

It was a great way to get to know each other and what came through most was the comfort members derive from mixing with like-minded people. Several said they had been touched by the welcome here, and the joy in discovering answers to their many questions.

And amazingly, these wonderful meetings, where we learned and practised, dowsed and discovered, cost us nothing more than the price of hiring the hall.

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