Golding Dowsing

Information about SDg during the Covid-19 pandemic

Dear Member and Friend,

As you are aware, there is considerable discussion and debate going on in the media about the Coronavirus Covid-19 Virus and what people, groups and gatherings should and should not do.

Direction and guidance from the NHS, central and local government is constantly evolving but little direct statement on what groups, clubs, associations etc should do.

This is specifically applicable to us as our demographic of membership and people attending our events are in the more vulnerable category that the virus targets.

So in discussion with the committee, this is our approach.

  • Each programmed event, be that a talk, meeting, outing, or field work will be reviewed on an individual case by case basis in light of the current government/NHS guidance.
  • Prior to each event (night before) a final go/no go will be issued by email to these addresses to say if the event will go ahead or not - unless we have already given a no go.
  • At our gatherings, we will endeavour to have tissues, hand sanitisers and any other products that are necessary, available.
  • Surfaces that we use, will be wiped down with the appropriate wipes and cleaners.
  • We will endeavour to ensure chairs, drinks station and our catering continue along the exemplary methods they already exhibit.

I trust it goes without saying that anyone who feels they may have exposure to the virus or showing signs of infection are advised not to attend and to isolate at home.

Also I wish to stress that if anyone does have any concerns, needs help or support or needs to talk to someone about their worries, then this is what we as a group are here to do - so don't suffer in silence - Get in touch with me or any member of the committee or other members…It's all part of the conversation - we support each other.

Below is a link to the current UK Government guidance:-

UK Gov website

Kind regards

Paul Syrett
Chairman, Slimbridge Dowsing Group