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Experiences of an Old Dowser is a long awaited memoir of respected water dowser and diviner, Peter Golding. Peter explores the mystery of dowsing in its many forms from water divining to remote healing. He shares his fascinating experiences, but most importantly, he shares the techniques he has learned and honed over 34 years.

Dowsing for Water - The Complete Practical Guide
Peter Golding's latest book will take you from enthusiastic amateur dowser, covering all the basics and introducing you to techniques that will lead you to become an accomplished water diviner and beyond - guiding you through the practicalities of commissioning drilling companies and providing your client with a professional dowsing service.

This Rabbit is Constipated
A unique compendium of reports of meetings held by Slimbridge Dowsing Group (SDG) and published in the local Gazette over the last five years. A gold mine of information, documenting dowsing as we know it today, its many uses, applications, and associated topics. Written with a light touch and a sprinkling of humour, you will learn while being entertained.

It's Around Here Somewhere
If you enjoy reading the event reports on our website, you’ll be pleased to hear the last five years’ worth is now available.