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Dowsing for Water - The Complete Practical Guide with colour photographs and original diagrams by artist Helen Gee.

Book cover


Foreword by Ced Jackson:

“This book fills a huge gap. There are many introductory books on learning to dowse, and some outstanding books by advanced practitioners, but very little on how you make the enormous transition from enthusiastic amateur dowser to accomplished water diviner. The publication of this book is therefore to be celebrated.

A water diviner internalises his or her hard-earned knowledge, and the practice of the skill can become invisible, almost instant, and as a result, difficult for an observer or student to acquire. Peter Golding has done the dowsing fraternity a great service by setting out the many intermediate steps through learning to dowse, dowsing for water, identifying suitable sites, and the technical issues around drilling, water extraction and treatment.

This is no academic tome. Peter has been a professional water diviner for over thirty years, and a dowser for over fifty, finding and extracting water for a wide range of uses. This book contains the practical fruits of that long apprenticeship, now available to you.”

Ced Jackson, Malvern Dowsers

“With his strong engineering background, Peter has brought science and substance to the art and skill of dowsing for water.”

Trish Mills, Slimbridge Dowsing Group

“Congratulation on your new book, it looks really well, reads well, in a very suitable print. Also plenty of coloured photos and well drawn illustrations, all in a good size. I have already skip read much of it, now I must go through it in detail. I note too that your diagrams and explanation on geology are very clear and well done. You are really setting the bar very high. I'm very glad I bought the book; I now see the great deal of work that went in to it.”

Simon, Ireland

“Hi Peter, Your new book arrived last Friday and it is a beauty, a treasure chest of information... it could be termed “the water dowsers's bible”, I will have a lot to learn in 2016 and everyone that has bought the book must be extremely pleased with the information therein. Thanks again. ”

Barry, Australia

Price 29.95 plus P&P. Contact or telephone 07483 805661

Add 'Experiences of an Old Dowser' to your order and get both for the reduced price of 34.90 plus P&P. Contact Peter for this offer.

Dowsing For Water - The Complete Practical Guide - Dowsing tools and how to use them


Dowsing For Water - The Complete Practical Guide - Dowsing for groundwater


Dowsing For Water - The Complete Practical Guide - The drilling phase


Dowsing For Water - The Complete Practical Guide - Geological considerations


Dowsing For Water - The Complete Practical Guide - Example of a borehole


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