Golding Dowsing


Unless otherwise stated, meetings are held second Saturday of the month at 9.45 for a 10.30am start at The Whitminster Village Hall, School Lane, Whitminster, GL2 7NT. Gloucester.

Saturday 11th January – Soul Astrology – Margaret Koolman*

13:30pm to 16:00pm

Have you ever wondered about astrology and how it relates to your birth? How it is applied and can explain the why of your life. Margaret, an Astrologer of over 40 years and an accomplished author will explain all, and take you through her unique way of interpreting these charts to provide a compass to your Soul.

Saturday 8th February – Dowsing, Past Present and Future – Paul Syrett

Ever wondered about the origins of Dowsing, how it’s been used in the past, how it is done and how it is used in the modern world today. Then this is a talk for you. Paul an experienced Dowser will talk you through the history of dowsing from 8000 yr. old cave paintings to the present day. How you do it, its many facets and how you can apply it in your daily life.

Saturday 14th March – Tree Dowsing - Gordon Field

On my journey with the trees they have built up trust in me. They continue to reveal hidden and forgotten knowledge about our past which will enable us to face the changes that lay ahead. As new energies arrive the Earth is re-awakening and now is the time to reconnect with it through the trees.

Future talks, visits and field trips being organised

Field trips: Belas Knapp Long Barrow and Litte Dean Nymphaeum

Talks: Animal Communications, Bosnian Pyramids

Please let the committee know if there is a subject or person you would like to have speak to us or even do one yourself!

* Denotes a visiting speaker