Slimbridge Dowsing


Title Author
Adventures of a 21st Century Dowser John Baker
Avebury Dowsing Survey Report Paul M Daw
American Indian - Secrets of Crystal Healing - The Luc Bourguilt
Ancient  Energies of the Earth David Cowan/ A Silk
Ancient Energies of the Earth David Cowan /Anne Silk
Anyone Can Dowse For Better Health Arthur Bailey
Ask and It Is Given Esther & Jerry Hicks
Ask and It Is Given Possibly out
Ask Your Guides Sonia Choquette
Avebury Sun, Moon and Earth Maria Wheatley/Busty Taylor
Beginners Guide to Crystals Denise Whichello Brown
Behaviour of Lines of Earth Radionics -The William Gawn
Bovis Units in Everyday Life Michael J Haxeltine
Bronze Age Metalwork
Celestine Prophecy  - The James Redfield
Cerne Giant Landscape - The P Knight
Chakras - Rays and Radionics David V Tansley
Colours of the Soul June Mcleod
Conciousness, intent and the structure of the universe Jeffrey Keen
Crickley Hill Village, Fortress, and Shrine  Richard Sarge
Crystal Bible - The Definitive Guide to Crystals Judy Hall
Crystal Code - The Teresa Moorey
Dartmoor Mindscapes - Re Visioning a Sacred Landscape Peter Knight
Discovering  Dowsing and Diving Peyter Naylor
Diviner's Handbook - The Tom Graves
Divining Hear - The Patricia & Richard Wright
Divining Mind - The Ross/ Wright
Domesday Book - The
Dowsing - A Path to Enlightenment ( 2 copies) Joey Korn
Dowsing - Definitive Wee Book Hamish Miller
Dowsing and Divining Peter Naylor
Dowsing for Health Patrick Macmanaway
Dowsing for Joy Joy Lange
Dowsing in Devon and Cornwall Alan Neal
Dowsing One Man's Way J. Scott Elliot
Dowsing Plans of the Stone Circles and Henges of England Paul M Daw
Dowsing Research Group - First 10 years
Dowsing Surveys and Plans of the Castlerigg Complex
and Her Daughters Stone Circles of Cumbria Paul M Daw
Earth Radiation Kathe Bachler
EEG Encyclopaedia of Terms
Electric Pollution Possibly out
Elementary Radiesthesia and Use of Pendulum F A Archdale
Energy Secret - The Denise Linon
Essential Dowsing Guide  -The Dennis Wheatley
Essential Dowsing Guide - The Dennis Wheatley
Experiences of an Old Dowser Peter Golding
Folklore of Ancient Wiltshir - The Katherine Jordon
Form, Sound, Colour and Healing Theo Gimbel
From Atlantis to the Sphinx Colin Wilson
Future is Yours - The - Do Something About It Raymond Grace
Geopathic Stress and Subtle Enery John Thurnell Read
Geopathic Stress and Subtle Enery Possibly out
Heal Your Home Adrian Incledon - Webber
Healing - Reiki Eleanor Mckenzie
Healing Sick Houses Roy and Ann Procter
Healing Through the Earth Energies Judy Jacka
Hidden Life of Geometry
- The Science and Spirituality of Nature Karen L French
How to Do Psychic Reading - Through Touch Ted Andrews
How to Dowse Margueritee Mauny
Inner Health  Nevill Drury
Interconnectedness of All Things - The John Gibson Forty
Is There Life after Death  Anthony Peake
King Arthurs Camlon- Quest for the Truth Lawrence Main
Letter to Robin - A mini course in pendulum dowsing
Magic of Reality - The Richard Dawkins
Magnetic Fields & Mobile Phones GW Crockford
Man who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe - The Gleen Clarke
Many Lives, Many Masters Dr Brian Weiss
Medicine for the 21 Century Keith Mason
Medicine Man ( Sequel to The Healer) Jack Temple
Medieval Roads
Meditation - The First and Last Freedom Osho
Message from the Masters Dr Brian Weiss
Metal Detector - The  Andrew Palmer
Mind as Healer-The The New Heresy O H Wilson
Monuments and Material Culture Rosamond Cleal/J. Pollard
New Earth - Create a Better Life Eckhart Tolle
NLP.Practical Guide Neil Shah
Observer's Book of Geology - The I O Evans
Past Lives, Present Dreams Denise Linn
Past, Present and Future Davis Wells
Pendulum Charts - The Dale W Olson
Pendulum Chart-The   Volume 1 Dale W Olson
Pendulum Drowsing  Cassandra Eason
Pendulum Power G Nielsen & J Polansky
Pendulum-The Bridge to Infinite Knowing Dale W. Olson
Points of Cosmic Energy Blanche Mertz
Power of the Pendulum - The Possibly out/Lethbridge
Powers Latent in Man - The Douglas Baxter
Powerwatch Handbook - The Alastair and Jean Philips
Pyramid Power M. Toth /G Nielson
Rabbit is Constipated - The Trish Mills
Reincarnation and Karma
Roman Coinage in Britain P J Lasy
Sacred Spaces Denise Linn
Safe as Houses David Cowan & R Girdlestone
Say No to Arthritis -  Drug Free Patrick Holford
Science and Art of the Pendulum - The Gabriele Blackburn
Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - The Deepack Choprai
Signs and Secrets of Glastonbury Zodiac Yuri Leitch (Edited)
Simply Totem Animals Celia M Gunn
Site and Survey Dowsing Clive Thompsons(Edited)
Solar Energy & Dowsing in Isle of Scilly AD Tabraham
Soul - Lessons and Soul Purpose Sonia Choquette
Spiritual Dowsing Sig Lonegren
Spiritual Dowsing Possibly out
Stanton Drew and its Ancient Stone Circles Gordon Strong
Stepping Stones Into The Unknown Veronika Strong
Sun, Moon and Earth Robin Heath
Super Conciousness Through Meditation Douglas Baker
Supernature Lyall Watson
Symbolic Language of geometrical figures - The Omramm Mikhael Aivanhov
Telepathy - How to use your Power of ESP Tom Pearson
Tenth Insight - The James Redfield
The Thirteenth Zodiac - The Sign of Arachne
Totem Animals -Simply Celia M Gunn
Tree Medicine - Tree Magic Ellen Hopman
Way of Charkas - The Caroline Shola Arewa
Your Soul Contract Decoded Nicholas David Naggen