Slimbridge Dowsing


Chairman's report

We come full circle again to that time of year for the AGM, albeit a little later than normal, for us to reform the committee and review where we have come from. It’s been a year of change for the group with our move to a new location for our meetings. From increased seating capacity, more open environment, excellent kitchen, improved car park, local pub and even a dishwasher and decent coffee machine !!!, I trust you all agree it has been a major success.

On top of this, our membership continues to grow and the social network growing faster. This is, in part due to you spreading the word, and also to the excellent speakers that have joined us through the year. I would like to say a big thank you to each and every one of them for their friendship to our group and the knowledge they have imparted to us. These talks have steadily imparted layer upon layer of knowledge and as one member said to me - “I see the synchronicity of how these talks join together”.

That is the universe supporting us and how dowsing itself works - some would say!!!

I would also like to thank our brothers and sisters from the neighbouring dowsing groups for supporting us with our talks and chair putting away… and in return, for welcoming our members into their groups. This is inspiring as this supports my vision of a growing and thriving community wishing to share friendship and learn from each other around our collective passion for Dowsing and Energy.

As with any change, sometimes it goes a little deeper and this time its Barbara's choice to permanently put aside the money box, treasury tags and membership lists and I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks from all of us for the many years of support she has given the group. I would also like to thank the rest of the committee for their help in shaping and taking this group forwards. We would not be here without your guiding lights.

The new rolling programme is taking shape and thank you to those of you who have put forward suggestions - it’s your group after all. May the next year continue in this tradition and we continue to flourish. Namaste,

Paul Syrett

Membership benefits

Our members have access to our ever-growing library. Please make use of this extensive resource, as Dowsing books can be seldom found in public libraries.

Library News

My predecessor Jane Willoughby has already done an excellent job in cataloguing the books in the library, which are listed alphabetically by Title and by Author. Jane had also started to add comments on the book’s contents.

Taking this a step further, and to help find a book relevant to an area of specific interest, I have been grouping the books according to their genre. For example: Dowsing, Earth Energies, Archaeology, Health and Wellbeing etc. I have also added a brief synopsis on the book to further help with selection. Having identified a book of interest, it will still be found in the library stored alphabetically by title as is currently the case.

I plan to have this additional information available on our website by the end of the year. Our library is a valuable resource, and I hope this will help SDG members to take full advantage of the library’s contents.

Any comments or suggestions are most welcome.



A Helping hand Still Required

We have Special Interest Groups for Archaeological, Earth Energies, Health and Water dowsing. Barry Goldring continues to run the Archaeological Group, but we need leaders for the others. Please contact a committee member if you’re interested, details as below. We are making an addition to the newsletter. An article will be added giving dowsing information and advice. If you have an article you would like to submit or would like information on a particular dowsing topic. Please contact Rob Gerrish.